fans of game of thrones eagerly awaited the prequel series Dragon House since it was announced. With its first season well underway, many warmed to the show. An adaptation of the book by George RR Martin Fire & Bloodthe series seems poised to delve into the lore surrounding House Targaryen.

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As they take place in the same universe, Dragon House and game of thrones share many similarities, but also several differences in their execution. game of thrones has built a solid reputation for most of its existence, but many fans have already decided Dragon House Maybe better. Although arguments can be made on both sides, key examples support Dragon House as the greatest production.

Spoilers ahead for House of the Dragon.

ten House Of The Dragon subtly adds crucial and symbolic details

In its first episodes, Dragon House slipped into incredibly symbolic moments without drawing too much attention to them. The first example was the necklace Daemon gave to his niece, Rhaenyra. She wore it everywhere she went, until Daemon stole the dragon egg meant for her deceased brother, causing further tension within the family.

Another detail subtly included is the hand of Viserys. More than two years passed between the second and third episodes of the first season. Prior to the time jump, Viserys has wounds that spread, his hand turning black. The third episode reveals that he has lost two of his fingers since then. Not drawing attention to these details is exciting for fans and actively encourages multiple viewing of each episode.

9 Dragons are synonymous with business

Dragons are considered a normality in Dragon House. They may only belong to a select few with Targaryen blood, but they thrive and instill fear wherever they go. Yet in game of thronesDaenerys’ three dragons are mostly depicted as tools and have virtually no personalities other than Drogon.

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Dragon House presents its dragons as expected, with cool designs that eclipse those of game of thrones. Caraxes’ long creepy neck and devilish face remain an incredible sight and an exciting sign of things to come.

8 House Of The Dragon Will Stick To Basic Source Material

With Dragon House being a deep dive into traditions made before game of thronesthe show won’t deviate from the source material as much as game of thrones did. It’s a blessing for the show, because game of thrones was at its best taking original stories from George RR Martin.

As with any adaptation of a book, there will always be creative liberties taken and certain elements omitted. However, the general management Dragon House the plans to be taken will be stabilized, protected and finally executed as planned.

seven It benefits from clean slate

Many consider game of thrones one of the biggest shows in recent memory, though its final season remains one of the most controversial and controversial. At the end, game of thrones‘ The direction outraged fans, and for many it tarnished the overall sentiment of the show.

Dragon House offers a clean slate. Although it’s set in the same world, it’s set further back in time, which means new actors and characters are brought to the fore. This cast change provides a much-needed reset for the game of thrones universe, while providing more content for fans.

6 It engages in its political intrigue and suspense

game of thrones had plenty of political maneuvering and betrayal, but ultimately left most of it behind for brutal battles and pure shock value. Dragon House covers the events leading up to The Dance of the Dragons. Although it is a civil war, it has deep political roots that trigger it.

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As Dragon House building up to the inevitable war and implosion of House Targaryen, the political intrigue adds more tension with each new episode. Many will say it’s because of the new show’s honeymoon period, but the fact is, Dragon HouseSuccession politics and talks are vitally important.

5 House Of The Dragon Revealed How Visually Stunning It Can Be

Dragon House and game of thrones are both visually stunning, but the former obviously learned from the latter. Not only is the CGI of the dragons much cleaner, but the landscapes and locations have an added vibrancy. Likewise, the different outfits and designs bring out the fresh flavor of the characters, adding more personality to each scene.

game of thrones had a similar aesthetic, but there was a gloom in most places, matching the harshness of the world they showed. Dragon House set a precedent early on for the quality of the more intense moments later.

4 The prequel boasts homages to the original

Any franchise’s original show can have the advantage of generating its own reaction from fans and viewers, but prequels and sequels can do just that while capitalizing on nostalgia through references. Set almost 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon delves into the history of different houses, places and conflicts.

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Thanks to game of thrones coming first, these deep dives make a lot more sense than they would on their own. Families like the Targaryens and the Lannisters are given more depth. On the other hand, families like Velaryon and Hightower prove intriguing because they were new to the public.

3 George RR Martin’s meticulously detailed lore makes for a thrilling premise

An original show can do a wonderful job of creating a world for fans, but when a writer devotes as much time and effort to the lore as George RR Martin, an adaptation is bound to be exceptional. With Dragon House set almost 200 years before the first game of thrones episode, it explores the lore that is only sparingly mentioned throughout game of thrones.

For those who haven’t read Fire & Blood, Dragon House presents many mysteries. For those who have read George RR Martin’s novel, they remain thrilled to see how the new series pulls it all together. While plot holes exist in many shows, it will be hard to find them in the George RR Martin lore, as long as the show’s runners stick to the source material.

2 He cleans up Game of Thrones inaccuracies

Many remember game of thrones‘ previous seasons like the good old days of exceptional writing and storytelling, but George RR Martin was apparently unhappy with a scene in the first season. Robert Baratheon going on the hunt with just Renly, Barristan Selmy and Lancel Lannister wasn’t specific as to how such an endeavor was supposed to unfold.

Dragon House has its own chase sequence in the third episode and looks much more like what Martin wanted. A royal hunting party in this universe would be sheer extravagance, with a raised flag and horns blowing. Dragon House perfectly captures this royal tradition and may well be the first of many concepts to be rectified.

1 Focusing on one main family and concept keeps it more focused

Whereas game of thrones initially introduced its characters to Winterfell and Essos, everyone quickly drifted apart, giving each episode multiple paths to go. Since the characters had varying ambitions or end goals, it became difficult to maintain an overall focus on where the series was headed.

Dragon House has everyone in King’s Landing, and the succession of King Viserys Targaryen becomes the main focus and the inevitable cause of the impending strife. King’s Landing won’t be the only place forever, but the Iron Throne will remain the focal point. On the other hand, the houses and families of game of thrones wanted the Iron Throne, but did not have it within reach.

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