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‘The residence has come back to life’

By Kate Bennett | CNN The new president and first lady moved to the White House over the weekend, and did so along with extended members of the Biden family. “The residence has come to life again,” a White House source told CNN of the energy inside. “It’s the honeymoon season when everything looks new. […]

The staff of the White House welcomes a ...

“The residence has come to life again,” a White House source told CNN of the energy inside. “This is the honeymoon time when everything looks new.” There were nightly movie theater fits in the White House cinema, with snacks from the White House cooks, with many older Bidens’ grandchildren crammed into the seats to watch, […]

Many of Biden’s White House staff work f

As a signal that the White House will now operate in the manner recommended by the government in the midst of a pandemic, many Biden staff will continue to work from home in the days and weeks to come. Officials said they received new government computers and phones that were activated at noon on Wednesday, […]

How White House staff get one president ...

WASHINGTON – Ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, White House residence staff are preparing for one of the most complicated parts of a presidential transition: moving a president out of the residence and another president into a few hours. It’s a complex process that White House staff have been perfecting for decades. ABC7 News spoke […]

White House staff prepare to move behind...

Photograph by Alexander Ramjing via iStock. As President Trump raged and obscured an election he couldn’t admit he lost, White House residence staff quietly packed their things, Kate Bennett reports for CNN: As the president publicly protested against the elections, fraudulently claiming they were rigged and clinging to the false hope of staying in the […]