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‘Swords of Legends Online’ house system

Find your home among the clouds in the dazzling AAA MMORPG Swords of Legends Online. You can transform, decorate and manage your home exactly as you see fit. The extensive housing system puts a huge range of creative options at your fingertips, giving you tons of different daily activities to perform. As soon as you […]

At Biden’s White House, the staff aren’t

Mike Donilon is one of Biden’s most trusted White House presidential advisers, but he comes and goes from his West Wing office almost like a spectral presence. Described by those who worked with him as having the demeanor of a parish priest, he hates talking to the media and is not particularly talkative with his […]

Neera Tanden joins White House staff aft...

President Biden brought in Neera Tanden to serve as senior adviser after he withdrew her appointment as White House budget director in March. In his new role, Tanden is expected to focus on potential changes to the affordable care law if the Supreme Court overturns it, according to CNN, which broke the news of the […]