5 things to bring back from your trip to Gujarat

Sep 08, 2022, 5:35 p.m.
2 minute read

These few things are unmissable in Gujarat.

Popularly known for its stunning beaches, historical monuments, temple towns, resorts and magnificent wildlife sanctuaries, Gujarat is one of the perfect places to visit on your next vacation.

The city is also home to royal crafts, sculptures, handcrafts, arts and festivals, making it richer and more vibrant.

Here are five unique things to bring back from your trip to Gujarat.

Bandhani Where bandhej The material is an integral part of the tradition and culture of Gujarat.

The city of Bhuj in Gujarat is famous for its red Bandhani.

Also, Jamnagar in Gujarat is known for Bandhani fabric with bright embroidery.

The material is basically tie-dye with a crushed finish. You can buy Bandhani printed sarees, dupattasscarves, kurtasetc

The print signifies youth, love and marital bliss.

Mata-ni-pachedi paintings

When you are in Gujarat, remember to pack some mata-ni-pachedi paintings that you can display around your house.

These traditional ritual paintings come in two varieties – block printed versions with fine filigree designs and Mother Goddess fabric paintings handcrafted by master craftsmen.

The designs are made from natural extracts of plant dyes usually black and dark red.

Khadi crafts and clothing

Khadi is essentially a hand-woven fabric of natural fibers usually made of cotton. The fabric is a symbol of India’s independence movement.

It was made popular by Mahatma Gandhi who used to spin kadi on its wheel.

The fabric is available as skirts, pants, sarisand kurtas.

The material is slightly coarse, versatile, durable and breathable.

One of the most popular Gujarat outfits, patola saris are manufactured in Patan, Gujarat.

They are double ikkat fine silk weaves.

According to legends, patola was born 900 years ago thanks to the support of King Kumarpala who made it a symbol of wealth.

The creation of these saris is labor intensive and each sari takes six months to a year to make.

Gujarat is well known worldwide for its traditional and intricate embroidery.

Saurashtra in Kutch district of Gujarat is the center of tailoring.

You can buy beautifully embroidered cushion covers where Kuchi the embroidery is done on mushroom silk with exemplary mirror work.

You can also get your hands on embroidered blouse pieces and stoles. Other embroidery styles include Bhavariyo, Neran, sakri, Abhlya mirror work, etc.