MOHNTON, Pa. — Voting is following a nationwide contest.

“Of course there was congratulations inside, your child Colton, won the spot on Sun-Maid’s ‘Board of Imagination’ for the coming year,” said Colton’s mother, Heather Brady. .

Colton, 7, from Mohnton, wins first place.

“I feel special,” said Colton Brady.

As a group of his classmates, his family and friends stood outside Brecknock Elementary with signs of support in hand – did he have any idea?

“No, not a clue,” Colton said.

No idea, but now he has $5,000 for college and another $5,000 for his school.

“A check coming to our school, to our kids, is just an added bonus and I can’t wait to see what we can get here for the children of Brecknock,” Brecknock Elementary principal Aaron Kopetski said.

Plus, a plane ride to California in April to serve on the Sun-Maid Raisins board awaits him, and he’s ready to get to work.

“Make new raisins,” Colton said.

Colton’s mother says the trip inspired her son.

“We were at Sweet Ride and a nice lady recognized him and said she votes everyday and treats him like a celebrity. She said you’re the Colton I voted for,” said Heather Brady.

It was a competition that brought together the school community and the county.

“Anything happening locally, globally, a bit of good news, smiles on people’s faces, that’s what we’re looking for here,” Kopetski said.

There was no shortage of smiles on Wednesday.

“It was really cool to see all those smiles,” Brady said.

And no shortage of support for Colton from Mohnton.