Love Lab announced the English translation of Maid-san no Iru Kurashi. Developed by Azarashi Soft (Amakano, Aikagi), the PC visual novel will be called Maid to love you and also feature a Chinese localization. Although the company hasn’t announced a timeframe for the release, they did share a short video of maid Eve showing up without a voiceover.

Maid to love you tells the story of a young man called Yuuma. Since his routine is simply to come home from work, he hardly ever had the opportunity to fall in love. One day, he finds a mysterious girl in a maid’s uniform in front of his house. She says her name is Eve and she’s there to help her deal with the stresses of everyday life. This will obviously lead to some spicy moments.

The story is written by Kurisu, whose previous work includes the H-scenes in Maggot Baits. Artwork is by yaman**, who is probably best known for his vtuber designs, which include Kiryu Coco and Kson, with backgrounds by Rakushii (Nope Nope Nurses). Eve is voiced by Elena Kaibara, who voiced Fuu in Suzukuri Dungeon, Hasumi Musha in Erovoice, Miyako Shiina in Majikoi, and many other characters.

Check out Eve’s introductory video tweet: