A woman recently took to the internet seeking advice about an embarrassing situation involving a friend away from work.

Although they never met in real life, his colleague invited his team to the wedding. Although it was a nice gesture, she felt uncomfortable when they were all invited to the bachelorette party.

The bachelorette party is happening in a fun town near her home, so she decided to go ahead and agree to attend the festivities.

But things got weird when the bride’s bridesmaid contacted her and her colleagues about financial obligations regarding the events.

She wrote, “The bride’s maid of honor demanded that we pay for the bride’s hotel room, tour bookings and a few other miscellaneous things.”

The situation was difficult to manage because attending the wedding and the bachelorette party of a relative unknown is a rather intimate act.

Still, she wanted to find a way to respond to the invitation since she had already agreed to attend.

However, commentators had a very different perspective and said she and her colleagues were potentially exploited.

One person weighed in: ‘Looks like that’s why you were invited. The more there are, the cheaper it is for everyone.

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