LAHORE: A housekeeper was allegedly tortured and scorned by the son of a Punjab police inspector in the Shahdara area.

A “K” woman said she worked as a housekeeper in Inspector Aslam Niazi’s house. It had also put together a financial committee. Two days ago, she demanded her share of the amount on which the inspector’s son was annoyed for threatening, torturing and tearing his clothes in a bazaar. DIG Operations Dr. Abid Khan became aware of the incident and asked SP City to investigate the matter. He said no one would be allowed to abuse his authority.

BURNED VALUABLES: Valuables were burned to ashes when a fire broke out at a store near a bank building on Montgomery Road. According to our information, the fire broke out due to a short circuit. People nearby tried to control him. They also called the rescue teams. Firefighters arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire. No loss of life or injury was reported in the incident.

ACCIDENTS: About 14 people have died, while 1,167 have been injured in 1,113 road accidents across all districts of Punjab in the past 24 hours.

Of this number, 678 people were seriously injured and were transferred to various hospitals. Whereas, 489 minor injured victims were treated at the site of the incident. The majority (68%) involved motorcycles. Furthermore, the analysis showed that 593 drivers, 29 underage drivers, 110 pedestrians and 478 passengers were among the victims of these road accidents. Statistics show that 272 accidents were reported in Lahore which affected 274 people placing the provincial capital at the top of the list followed by 85 in Faisalabad with 91 casualties and third in Multan with 74 accidents and 73 casualties. The details further reveal that 1,181 victims were affected by road accidents, including 979 men and 202 women, while the age group of the victims shows that 217 were under 18, 612 were between 18 and 40 years old and the rest of the 352 victims were reported to be over 40 years old. According to the data, 939 motorcycles, 91 auto-rickshaws, 153 automobiles, 31 vans, 19 passenger buses, 46 trucks and 93 other types of motor vehicles and slow carts were involved in the aforementioned traffic accidents.

ARRESTED: Missri Shah Police say they have arrested two suspected bicycle thieves. The arrested suspects have been identified as Arsalan Mota and Qasim. Police also recovered four bicycles and two rickshaws from their custody. A complaint has been filed against them.