Preview (Spoilers below):
Tsukasa, a classmate of Yuuri, worries for her well-being after losing her parents.

Our opinion :
We spent the last two episodes with just the rich young orphan and his suspicious-but-beautiful maid. They provided some embarrassing and enjoyable times in one place, but they’re also a little tedious at times. Luckily, the third episode changed things up by bringing more characters into the awkward fun.
One in particular is Tsukasa Gojouin, Yuuri’s classmate who is a big fan of manga and romance novels. She attempts to help Yuuri after her parents’ death but struggles to get his attention. When Tsukasa overhears Yuuri discussing Lilith’s beauty, she suddenly believes there is a taboo relationship between him and her maid. As for his wacky but gleeful reaction to this, I’m still the only person who finds it a bit uncomfortable to witness. Also, how the hell did Yuuri and Lilith not hear Tsukasa’s loud panicked breathing behind the tree?
We are also introduced to Tsukasa’s butler, Fujisaki, who has a connection to Lilith as they both recognize each other. Fujisaki would later play a part in bringing Lilith home while collecting more manga for Tsukasa. Sadly, it doesn’t show more how Lilith and Fujisaki know each other, so I guess we might get some answers in later episodes. Well, if Fujisaki doesn’t quit because Tsukasa imagined him in a maid outfit.
The episode always struggled with the repetitiveness of its running gags, especially when Yuuri commented that Lilith’s fussiness was similar to how her mother fussed over her father. It’s not without a few funny moments involving Tsukasa and Fujisaki despite the former’s voice in the English dub, but the jokes are still likely to be more off-putting than funny. However, I enjoyed the second half of the episode because of Lilith.
In the second half, Yuuri is unexpectedly left home alone when Lilith goes in search of a specific fish for dinner without her cellphone. After being gone for so long, Lilith finds Yuuri crying from being alone for hours, and he accuses her of casting a spell on him to miss her. Lilith then playfully admits to bewitching him to congratulate him on getting along without her. The episode showed how Lilith’s playful teasing paid off in helping Yuuri grow into adulthood and deal with his loneliness. This was another part of the show where he offers character development amid his series of sitcom-like storylines, and hopefully it won’t be the last.