Woman says she was ridiculed in her hometown and accused of selling out after criticizing Prince Andrew

Her ex-maid claimed he brought her to tears with her bad temper and dragged her up stairs to close her curtains – even though he was next to them, reports The mirror .

Charlotte Briggs, 47, said she agreed to take the job ‘nobody wanted’ six months after starting work at Buckingham Palace in January 1996.

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She claimed he was ‘demanding and authoritative’ while insulting her when he wanted a task done and behaved like a ‘spoiled brat’.

But she says since going public she has faced a backlash.

However, although she says she signed the Official Secrets Act, she says she has “the right to talk about what happened to me even though it was years ago.”

Charlotte also made a point of pointing out that, although she doesn’t like his attitude, she has never witnessed any inappropriate behavior.

Leaving an open space in the curtains, he said: ‘You can’t do anything right,’ Ms Briggs said.

The Halifax mum-of-two said The sun this Andrew kept 72 teddy bears many in sailor attire, and also wore his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson’s wedding dress.

She said she would even try to hide to avoid it, including behind the big heavy curtains.

His claims come after Andrew was stripped of his military affiliations and royal patronages by the Queen. He will no longer be able to use the title of His Royal Highness.

It comes after a US judge ruled he should face a civil trial over Virginia Giuffre’s sexual abuse allegations.

Ms Briggs told the newspaper that when she started working for him Andrew was 36 and had just divorced Fergie despite also being a veteran of the Falklands War.

She said: ‘This man fought for his country in the Falklands but couldn’t get up to close his own curtains. It was completely ridiculous but said a lot about him. Andrew definitely put a damper on things. He thinks he is above everyone.

Ms Briggs told how she left Yorkshire for work and Andrew was based on the ‘nursery floor’ where he and his siblings grew up.

She said that despite being an adult, he wouldn’t do anything for himself.

Ms Briggs explained: ‘There were two of us working shifts from 6.30am to 11.30am and then later in the evening. We unfolded his bed, removed his stuffed animals, closed the curtains and unfolded his pajamas. But he was a bad apple and behaved like a spoiled brat.

“Really, you weren’t meant to be seen, you were just sneaking around and doing stuff. But he was a little lazy and he would call from his office and say, “Can you send the maid to close the curtains?” They were literally behind him and massive – floor to ceiling and as high as a house, but he refused to get up and close them himself.”

She said it was frustrating as she couldn’t say anything and being only 21 she was crying over what was happening.

Ms Briggs claimed he was worse than ladies-in-waiting who got up and did certain things on their own.

But she said other royals like Charles and Edward were “lovely”.

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