During the Pony Canyon x Music panel, attendees were treated to an exclusive interview with moderator Funmiaki Nishihara, director Yuichiro Hayashi and vocalist MAH of alternative metal band SiM. They talked about the music of Attack on Titan, especially SiM’s “The Rumbling”, the opening theme for Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2. “The Rumbling” was a very successful song, entering in the US Bllboard charts and ranking at number 1 on the Hot Hard Rock Songs chart. It has also charted on various other rock charts in the top 10.

During the interview, MAH revealed many details about the process of creating “The Rumbling.” Although SiM was in charge of creating the opening theme, they wondered if they should do an anisong, but in the end they stuck to SiM’s original sound. MAH revealed that the manga was still in progress when they first received the assignment, but had been completed by the time it was finalized that SiM would do the opening. As an Attack on Titan fan, MAH revealed that it was an interesting experience to be the only one who knew the ending in advance during this writing process since he read the manga, but the most of the band members were anime watchers and therefore didn’t know the ending yet.

MAH clarified that they wanted Eren to be the focus of the last part; he wanted the song to be representative of the titans. To do this, SiM made the sound heavier by lowering the tempo of the song. The opening concept is not what Eren sings, but rather what his thoughts are. The song is meant to depict Eren’s rage, the path he has taken, and his redemption. Rather than a savior, he now has the potential to destroy the world. MAH also mentioned that since the song was being created for Attack on Titan, they also included what they could in the music video. For those watching the official clip, there are references to Attack on Titan throughout the video.


The panel also had guest speakers Koh Kusakabe (Band-Maid producer) and Yoshifumi Yarimizu (producer at Pony Canyon, producer of the anime Sound Euphonium and seiyuu Maaya Uchida), who talked about Band-Maid. Band-Maid is described as:

“…an incredibly tough, 5-piece, all-female Japanese rock band formed in 2013.

Don’t let their aesthetics fool you, these five “housekeepers” are highly skilled musicians and songwriters, and their punchy sound, jagged guitars, pounding drums and catchy ooks have won acclaim from fans and media alike. of the whole world.

Dozens of Youtube reaction videos from fans around the world followed, with rock and metal fans everywhere blown away by the band’s level of virtuosity and musical qualities.

The band rocked the stages of major festivals in their home country of Japan, and toured the US, UK and Europe, registering sold-out houses at every stop.

In 2019, the band announced a touring partnership with Live Nation, followed by the release of “Conqueror”, featuring production by the legendary Tony Visconti.

2020 saw the release of a new feature film ‘Unseen World’ and 2021 will see the band make their Hollywood debut in the Netflix film ‘Kate’.

A long-awaited EP is slated for the summer of 2022. The band will be touring the United States starting in October with over 20,000 people in attendance and performing at the famous world-class music festival “AFTERSHOCK”. “

The rock band is made up of 5 members: Miku (guitars, vocals), Saiki (vocals), Kanami (guitar), Akane (drums) and Misa (bass). Their 14-stop US tour in October is nearly sold out, with just Houston and Washington DC remaining. Alternatively, their New Jersey and Sacramento stops are music festival shows, so tickets may still be available for those stops.

They will be releasing a new EP titled “Unleash” which will be released on September 21, 2022.

Check out their music on Youtube here. Their last release before that was “Sense”.