Puerto Rican megastar Bad Bunny’s two-night sold-out concert at Astros’ Minute Maid Park in Houston on Sept. 1-2 went off without a hitch — or so it seemed at first. During the Astros’ game against the Texas Rangers on Monday night, eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice that the field was less than ideal after the “World’s Hottest Tour” broadcasts.

A photo posted to Twitter by user @DRDREon290 which has since been shared widely on social media shows a view from the Crawford Boxes in left field of normally all-green grass looking patchy in some areas, marked with indentations that seemed to have been overlooked. the rectangular stage and seating area. Fans on social media complained that the site was used for events other than baseball games, especially during the season.

“I was sad to see the state of the pitch at Minute Maid Park today, but hopefully it can go back to being the beautiful pitch it was before!! It’s so perfect when it’s normal. Nothing beats Minute Maid. The grass is so smooth and flat. We need it again,” user @MGSportsTalk tweeted with a different angle from the pitch.

“It’s up to them to let someone play there during the season,” one user wrote on Twitter. “I expect an apology from Bad Bunny for this,” another tweeted.

“Ashamed to allow the Astros’ home to be treated in this way. Minute Maid Park is a center of pride for H-Town and should be treated accordingly. This is vandalism,” he added. someone else wrote on Twitter.

Others didn’t care about the condition of the grounds, with some simply expressing their excitement to see one of their favorite artists perform there. “That was one hell of a gig,” wrote a fan on Facebook. “Sorry the concert was too lit,” another commented.

Despite the state of the field, the Astros still managed to win 1-0 against the Rangers on Monday night. However, the Bad Bunny concert is not the first and will certainly not be the last on site. Lady Gaga is due to perform on the baseball field for her ongoing Chromatica Ball tour on September 13, followed by Bill Joel in his first ever performance at the venue on September 23. Mötley Crüe recently performed on the pitch on August 19.

Bad Bunny has not commented publicly or issued an apology regarding the condition of the field. Minute Maid Park did not immediately respond to a request for comment.