Bobby Berk, interior design expert at euer Eye, is a specialist in how to light up a space and maximize the energy of well-being.

The TV personality is best known for his role as one of the Fab Five – the cult show’s team of lifestyle gurus on a quest to improve people’s lives, one makeover at a time. .

For those in the dark, the multi-award-winning Netflix show sees a group of LGBTQI + lifestyle extraordinarys use their individual areas of expertise to empower guests, and is loved the world over for its message. overall positivity and its lessons in self-esteem.

In the post-Christmas gloom, an extra dose of positivity is the boost we all need. Lucky for us, the life-affirming show is slated to return to Netflix on December 31. This time around, season six will see Bobby Berk alongside Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness land in Texas to continue their mission.

A connoisseur of the impeccable taste and style of the house, Berk is also on hand to brighten up our houses in more ways than one this year. In collaboration with interior design brand Yellowpop, he launched a collection of limited edition neon signs.

We chatted with the interior designer about some of his favorite things.

What can we expect from the next season of Queer Eye?

It’s still the best season! After the difficult few years we have all been through, what better way than to watch inspiring stories and see how the lives of our heroes can be transformed?

What did you learn while filming the series?

I have learned so much from all the heroes. They inspired me to be more resilient, generous and grateful in my own life. I also learned that it really takes a whole village to give a house a makeover and how a well-designed space can impact someone’s life.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style and my interiors are very similar. Both are clean, minimalist, simple, and modern. I like to be comfortable yet refined, and you can achieve it in your wardrobe and your home with simple silhouettes, neutral tones and textures.

What are your favorite rooms in your home?

It’s hard to pick a favorite room, but I have a vintage mid-century hutch that lived in my office and now sits in my living room that I adore. While I love to bring new and modern items into my home and into my projects, I believe that every room needs something vintage to add character and charm.

What are your favorite household item labels?

My favorite brands for housewares are Target, Western elm, and CB2. I also like snooping Etsy to find homemade artisans who can bring these unique and unique items home.

What has been your favorite interior trend and what is something you would like to see come to an end?

Ah! Trendy questions! While I don’t believe in trends (for this reason), I think if you buy what you like (despite what you see in other houses) it will be timeless. I don’t think anyone should feel pressured into making their house look a certain way. You should focus on pieces that make you happy!

What economic rooms can you invest in to transform a space?

I think an easy investment that can really transform any space is painting. Color can have an impact on your mood and certainly can impact a space. It sets the tone for your interior and allows you to stylize shelves or even a unique work of art like mine. Yellowpop collection to stand out.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

My earplugs to sleep. I need to sleep and my noise canceling headphones are my best headphones.

What is your self-care routine?

The water! Sleep! And more sleep! I’m very determined to stay active and exercise, but a good night’s sleep and plenty of water are essential for taking care of myself.

What’s in your library?

A ton of books from designers, architects, creatives and friends. I’ve been collecting old coffee table books for quite some time now and it’s always inspiring to go back and look at spaces from earlier periods. For current design inspiration, I’m still leafing through Made to live by Amber Lewis, Jungalow: Decorate Wild by Justina Blakeney and Living with color by Rebecca Atwood.

What was your inspiration behind your collection with Yellowpop?

Each piece of Yellowpop that I created aligns with my brand and / or myself. Whether it’s the ‘xx’ (how I sign every email) or Style Taste Class (the iconic QE loft moment) or even just a representation of the LQBTQ community, we’ve been strategic in thinking about what people would want. hang with them. and how it can also be a reflection of them. It had to be relatable and also to be beautiful.