For the editor:

There is a general sense of frustration right now in our country. I realized that I get angry a lot more often than a few years ago. While chatting with friends, I realized that other people felt the same way. It could also be why we are seeing so much more violent behavior across the country…why?!

The news is full of the war in Ukraine, the changing environment, immigration issues, political issues, the waning pandemic; but always with us. The list goes on… I feel helpless and frustrated because most of these issues affect me in one way or another; but, I can do little, if anything, about them.

I am a regular voter and expect my legislators to get things done. I assume that the people elected, on both “sides”, are competent, intelligent, compassionate and reasonable adult human beings. So I wonder, “Why can’t these people listen to each other, talk, debate, reach consensus and make decisions? » I can’t do anything on my own, so I’m frustrated and angry.

I am writing this letter to ask anyone who feels like me to write to their legislators, in the House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans alike, and tell them to listen, to reflect, to debate, to achieve to consensus and get things done! Please…

Deb Egeland

New Ulm

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