Migrant Workers’ Voice petitioned the Attorney General regarding the unclear death and burial of a certain Shadia Najjuko 31 who died in Saudi Arabia in June 2021.

Migrant Workers’ Voice is a non-governmental organization tasked with assisting migrant workers whose rights have been violated in the line of duty and has been approached by Sarah Nabukeera, the mother of the deceased.

Through their Arthur-arutha Legal & Co lawyers, the organization’s lawyers and Najjuko’s family have threatened to go to court to seek redress in case the Attorney General does not prevail over the ministries. supervisory authorities and the competent authorities within 10 days.

The late Najjuko was outsourced by ABS Consulting Group Ltd, a company duly authorized and licensed by the Ministry of Labor, Gender and Social Development to operate as a housekeeper in Riydh for Bajdaa Jaza Qaynan Almutai.

The family accuses the recruiting agency and line ministry of failing to do their due diligence to ensure that the late Najjuko would be protected from the violations that actually cost her her life and was hastily buried in Arabia Arabia.

“Our client’s efforts to obtain an autopsy report and recover the deceased’s body were in vain. Indeed, this is supported by the report released by the Ministry of Gender stating that the government did not obtain a medical report and death certificate to prove the cause of death and that the ministry also did not receive any information concerning the place of burial of the remains. of the end, ”said Arthur Murangira, the organization’s lead lawyer.

Shadia (middle) leaving work for Saudi Arabia

Lawyer Murangira reminded the Attorney General that under Article 3 of the agreement signed on 27e December 2017 between the Uganda Ministry of Gender and the Ministry of Gender of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, urges the parties to protect the rights of outsourced domestic workers in accordance with applicable laws.

Murangira thus accused the Ministry of Gender of not having engaged his counterpart in Saudi Arabia to provide details on the cause of Najjuko’s death, to exhume his body and to return it for a decent burial at home, a position which throws up some doubts. solid basis for claiming damages. .

“The importance of this letter is therefore to ask for your good offices to advise and engage the line ministry and other relevant authorities to lead the process of exhuming the remains of the late Shadia Najjuko, making the same for a decent burial and compensate the family reasonably for the loss caused the failure for which we will seek legal redress, ”noted Murangira.

Najjuko is one of the many Ugandans who have lost their lives in the Gulf as they migrated to seek greener pastures and little has been done for them to obtain justice.

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