Mr Joseph Chitulika from Chalala area in Lusaka, Zambia dumped his girlfriend who he dated and cohabited with for four years, to settle for a maid who worked for him.

Much to the shock of the abandoned and discouraged career woman, who works for one of Zambia’s leading banks as a commercial manager, she only found out through her friends that her longtime lover had paid a dowry to the family of the maid who works for them.

According to Zambia Observer, the career woman holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Lusaka. After learning that her lover had paid bride price for their maid, she confronted him and he admitted he couldn’t pretend he loved her anymore.

This prompted the career lady to sue Joseph for “lost time”.

According to an affidavit filed by the lady in the local court in Lusaka, she wants the court to award her whatever compensation it deems adequate, against Joseph.

Meanwhile, during oral argument, the lady told the court that she was babysitting Joseph and supporting him financially in his business before it got to where it is.

She said she had suspected her lover of having an intimate affair with their maid for some time now.

The lady said that whenever the maid did something wrong and whenever she wanted to yell at her or chastise her, Joseph defended her saying she deserved clemency.

“Sometimes I would travel out of the country leaving him alone. I think they used to have sex on our bed while I was out,” she said.

Joseph argued drawing his facts from the example of artist Kay Figo in the case Kayula Bwalya v John Van 2012 where the plaintiff wanted the court to award her compensation against the respondent who dated her for five years but ended up not marrying her.

According to the facts of the case, Kayula Bwalya claimed that since she had cohabited with Van for so long, she deserved compensation from her property because it constituted marriage.

The court rejected his claims.

And Joseph argued in defense that on the contrary, he did not need to indemnify her because as far as he was concerned, he was not married to her under the marriage law as prescribed.

In his oral defense, Joseph admitted to paying their maid’s dowry because according to him, he finds her attractive both physically and in her personality.

“This lady is arrogant. She thinks because she has an MBA, she can control me.

“I started getting cold feet when she started showing that she was educated and doing me a favor by dating me.

“She sends me to fetch water to drink and do simple things she can do herself in the name of being more educated and having more to take away than me.

“She can’t bathe, cook or do chores. I cannot marry such a person. I agree with said maid because she is cultured,” Joseph said.

After listening to the two testimonies, the court rejected the lady’s claims in favor of Joseph based on the case Kayula Bwalya against John Van 2012, whose facts are similar in principle.