Mumbai: Yami Gautam Dhar’s performance in “One Thursday” really left everyone amazed. From reviews to audiences, the actress has left everyone talking about her for her unprecedented work. But a real impact of her work was seen when Yami’s household staff reacted after watching her role in the film.

While Yami continues to receive accolades for her work in “Thursday,” the actress had a real impact recently when her household staff began to fear her because of the intense character she played in the film. Recently, during an interview, the actress revealed that her maid was warned by her husband after watching “One Thursday” that she might hold her hostage like she keeps the maid in the movie. Eventually her maid came to her and asked her hoping she wouldn’t treat her the same way she broke a glass a few days ago. She also admitted that she got scared while watching the film while traveling. But nonetheless, the actress took it as a compliment because her intensity really made her feel.

In ‘A Thursday’, Yami played the character of Naina Jaiswal, a teacher who holds students hostage. The film has garnered great reviews in corners and is the most watched film with 25 million views on IMDB and Ormax.

Meanwhile, work-wise, Yami has a very exciting lineup with Lost, OMG 2, and the other two projects she has been working on and the official announcement is yet to be made.