Sura: A case of disgrace to humanity has been revealed in the city of Surat, Gujarat. Here, a housekeeper beat the eight-month-old child so badly that he had to be hospitalized. This act of the maid was captured by the CCTV camera installed in the house. On Saturday, the police gave information in this regard.

Police said the woman brutally beat the child. The woman was arrested for attempted murder of the child. Rander Police Station Inspector PL Chaudhary advised that the child suffered a brain haemorrhage and is currently undergoing treatment. He said a couple had twins in Surat city. Husband and wife go to work because of work. So they hired a woman to take care of the children.

CPA (G-Division) ZR Desai said, “When we learned of the child abuse. When we reviewed CCTV footage from the house, we saw the woman beating the child lying on her lap. Sometimes slamming him on the bed. The woman did this for an hour and a half. The woman has now been detained and a case has been filed against her. He said the accused had just been arrested. But as soon as the woman’s covid -19 report arrives, she will be formally arrested.

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