Singapore – A foreign domestic helper has asked netizens for advice, saying her employer won’t let her talk in the house.

In a Facebook post to a public group for domestic workers titled FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum) an assistant asked the others what they considered to be important qualities when working in a house.

“Trust, Respect, Communication, what else?” she asked. The assistant who calls herself Princess Casumpang also asked what she can do as her employer doesn’t trust her even when she’s not doing anything wrong.

The maid then asks how she could possibly fulfill her contract “if we don’t talk inside the house”. Because there is no communication, she doesn’t know what her employers want, or even what they like or dislike.

She said she was aware her message would be read by both employers and other helpers.

“Are you ready to stay in this kind of employer if you are no longer happy?” she asked.

Responses came from other domestic helpers as well as employers:

The maid forced to sleep in the kitchen asks for help because even after working from 8 am to 12:30 am, the family still bothers her

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