SINGAPORE: While changing her employer’s son’s clothes, a maid took a video of the four-year-old boy exposing his buttocks and private parts, then uploaded the clip to TikTok.

Rike Kusnul Kotimah, 25, was jailed on Tuesday July 19 for three months and a week after pleading guilty to a voyeurism charge and a theft charge.

Another charge of distributing the voyeuristic recording was considered for sentencing. There’s a gag on the identity of the victim.

The court heard that Rike Kusnul Kotimah started working for his employer on March 11. Shortly after, she asked for a transfer, which her employer accepted on April 14.

The employer checked the cleaning lady’s photo gallery on her phone to make sure there were no pictures of her cleaning and saw that she had taken a photo of a 50 note Singapore dollars placed in front of her husband’s pants.

The maid later admitted to taking the remaining S$50 from her employer’s husband’s trousers, which she found while doing laundry earlier in April. His employer filed a police report on April 14.

During investigations, police discovered that Rike Kusnul Kotimah had used her phone to record a video of the employer’s young son as she changed him.

Between March and April, while she was at home, she positioned her phone camera about 1-2m away and began recording a video while intentionally changing the boy’s pants in the middle of the girl’s field of view. camera.

The child’s bare buttocks were visible throughout the video, which was at least 18 seconds long, and her private parts were exposed for a few seconds.

The maid then uploaded the video to her TikTok account with an Indonesian-language caption.

The caption, translated into English, reads: “Condition for a domestic worker to be successful: personal necessities at employer’s expense, food and date at employer’s expense, no day off, no from Shoppee (sic), all I can ask the employer and believe it, go back to Indonesia with a bag full of cash, not a bag full of dirty clothes!”

Rike Kusnul Kotimah claimed she took the video as a keepsake, according to court documents.

Assistant Attorney General Alexandria Shamini Joseph, who sought the sentencing, said the housekeeper intentionally recorded a video of the victim changing at home when he had a reasonable expectation of confidentiality.

The penalty for intentionally recording a child under 14 performing a private act without their consent can be up to two years in prison and a fine or beating.

The penalty for theft is up to seven years in prison and a fine.