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A foreign domestic worker has taken to social media alleging that when her employers go on vacation for 5 days, they leave her no food or money.

In the helper’s post on the Singapore FDW (working conditions forum) Facebook page, the maid shared a photo of the extra list of tasks her employer had given her. She wrote that in addition to her regular duties, her employer gave her “so many tasks (sic) to do”.

She had to water the plants every other day, brush and wash the balcony walls, clean her employer’s child’s toys, slide and bike, clean all the kitchen cupboards, bathrooms and floor tiles. , cleaning the kitchen windows and changing all the sofa cushion covers, sheets and floor mats.

The list given to him was titled “outside of daily chores” and appeared to be attached to the refrigerator with a magnet.

The maid then revealed that her employer also told her to take 2 more days off during their 5 day vacation. For this reason, she must not take the next two consecutive Sundays off.

“Is it good?” the maid asked in her message.

In the comments section, the assistant shared that because her employers ate rice and lentils practically every day, she bought her own food. She also wrote that she would also pay for her own toiletries.

Netizens who commented on the assistant’s post wrote that her employers were abusive.

Others, however, said that if his employers did indeed have rice, lentils and vegetables at home, then the aide did indeed have food. If she wanted anything on top of that, she would have to pay for it herself, they added.

Others also urged her to talk to and communicate with her employers.

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