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After a domestic helper’s employer found a number of pawnbrokers matching missing items in their household among the maid’s belongings, she confronted the helper.

The maid admitted to stealing the items from the employer, which ultimately led to her arrest.

She was only identified by a first name, “Marie”. The 38-year-old aide, from the Philippines, pleaded guilty to one count of theft and was sentenced on Thursday (June 9) to five months in prison.

The total amount of items stolen from the employer is $8,406.

“Marie” would pawn the items and then send the money to her relatives back home.

And although many items were salvaged from the pawnshops where the wizard took them, Shin Min Daily News reported that the police were unable to recover the gold bar and a gold chain that “Marie” stole from her employer.

Police were also unable to recover another item, an ed package containing $400.

“Marie” started working for her employer in October 2018.

Items belonging to his employer disappeared between February 2021 and December 2021.

Among the items the maid was able to steal are the gold bar, two gold necklaces, five gold chains, a pendant, the red packet containing $400, a phone and a charger.

Ironically, some of the items ‘Marie’ took didn’t even have value, such as makeup which cost $1.

But in April this year, the discovery of the pawnbrokers among ‘Marie’s’ belongings made her employer suspicious, leading her to discover that some of her valuables had also been stolen.

The employer reported the theft to the police, as well as to “Marie’s” employment agency.

The assistant said she knew where her employer hid valuables and took them when she did household chores, which police discovered during investigations.

Unfortunately, stories of assistants stealing from their employers are not uncommon.

Recently, an Indonesian housekeeper was discovered to have stolen 74 items from her employer after the courier company refused to send the stolen items to the assistant’s boyfriend in India and her friend in Indonesia.

She was sentenced to six weeks in jail for stealing the items, which are worth nearly $3,000.

And on May 31, an employer posted on the FDW Facebook group in Singapore asking for advice on his problematic full-time housekeeper.

Among the problems that the assistant gave to the employer was that she allegedly stole from them. The employer wrote that she “noticed that some of my valuables (less than $2000) were missing from my usual place in my room which has restricted entry”.


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