Nigerian actress Oby ‘Miss KoiKoi’ Kechere delivered a standout performance in the 2003 comedy classic, Aki na Ukwa, which left an indelible mark on moviegoers of the era.

19 years after joining the duo of Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme for the humorous production, Kechere in an interview with Legit.NG’s Adeyinka Odutuyo shares the reasons for choosing her family over her love for acting.

Actress Oby Kechere is set to make a Nollywood comeback. Photo: Oby Kechere
Source: UGC

Kechere says:

“I had a baby and I had to devote time to my daughter. In the process, I also got a job at the National Guidance Agency in Abuja and since then have coped with my job with just a little involvement in film productions here and there.

Balancing career and family

On the challenges of balancing career and family, the actress explained that it’s impossible for anyone to become fully involved in both.

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“Your career is there and as a family woman you will eventually have to devote your time to just one, especially if you want to have a good home. The way I was raised, I had this family thing around me and I just couldn’t afford to leave my daughter at the mercy of a maid.You can’t compare your career to raising your children.

The actress stressed the importance of being in tune with her husband and getting the green light to make certain decisions.

“You have to get your husband’s permission. You can’t mix with the man because then it becomes a problem. To find a balance, man must be united and when he is, he must not be taken for granted. You really have to do your part as a woman by being there for your children when they need you most. You should have productions around you and not jump from state to state while making your children suffer at the hands of housekeepers. When the kids come of age, you can consider productions, but don’t neglect your family and expect them to understand because you’re an actress.

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What does motherhood look like

On the joys of motherhood, Kechere describes it as a refreshing feeling that every woman should experience. She also revealed that her daughter has an eye for acting.

“I feel so loved. You know, to see a whole human being come out of you is wonderful. God has been so faithful and I will say it’s so refreshing to be a mother. My daughter has also acted in films. She appeared in a production when she was about two years old. I wish she would act, but she always tells me that she wants to be an engineer. Along the way, I know that even if she goes that route, I want always let her act.

With years away from the stage, Kechere, while answering a question on how to deal with changes in Nollywood, argued that raw talent cannot be undone even with the introduction of fancy equipment or standard productions. Netflix.

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“There’s no denying that Nollywood has changed, but it’s not beyond talent. Even when you have fancy cameras and top-notch locations, talent is still needed. You can’t equate talent with anything else. thing. If you’re no good as an actress, you’re no good. The equipment can’t act for you, deliver your lines or perform your roles for you. So I would say that the industry changes, but talent cannot be ignored.

What fans should expect

Kechere added that in his absence, she got up to speed by reading books, watching movies and taking notes on what could be improved in her acting. The actress said fans should expect a different version of herself as she returns to cinema screens.

“Fans should expect a big bang. A lot of them asked when I’d be back and others said they missed my face. Now that my daughter is of age, I’m coming back bagged. I’m working on a project right now so they should be careful.

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During her notable absence in the reloaded version of Aki Na Ukwa, Kechere revealed that she was not consulted.

“The producer may have his reasons for doing this, but I still have a good relationship with Osita and Chinedu. They are still my friends.

Focusing on the assumptions that actresses sleep to afford the luxurious lifestyles they portray on social media, Kechere had this to say:

“I wonder how many men an actress has to sleep with to afford a wealthy lifestyle. Come to think of it, don’t actors display a wealthy lifestyle as well? Does that mean that do they sleep too? It’s just the typical Nigerian mentality. You have to understand that these people are entertainers and it’s not just comedy that makes them money. If you look around you, you You’ll find out that most of these actresses are brand ambassadors and they get their money’s worth, and they also get paid to attend social events, so I’d say they work for all of those things.

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“The original assumption was that they slept for roles, now people say they slept to afford their lifestyle. My personality doesn’t believe that. I mean, if you work, you’ll get your money’s worth , so why don’t you live a comfortable life? For now, I will say that the industry is also lucrative. Even if what is happening now is not what happened then. I have been an actress and I can say that it opens other doors for you.”

On a final note, Kechere reassured her fans and supporters that she wasn’t planning on letting them down now that she was back.

“I love you guys and I want you all to be waiting for me. Rest assured I’ll be back and won’t let you down. I’m not on Instagram at the moment but you can find me on Facebook.

Aki na Ukwa’s First Celebrity Storm Reloaded

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During this time, previously reported that the premiere of the long-awaited sequel to Aki and Pawpaw, took place on Sunday, December 12 and, as expected, several guests showed up.

Moviegoers and industry colleagues who made appearances showcased rocking outfits in keeping with the “Old Nollywood Glam” theme.

BBNaija’s Nengi, Ceec, Saga, Saskay among others were spotted healthy on the red carper.