Y’all, I love it when little easter eggs like this end up being legit!!


If you haven’t watched the first half of Stranger Things Season 4, what are you doing with your life?


Seriously, spend the next few hours and watch it.

Now, that being said, you might remember a new character in the series – Argyle who is Jonathan’s new friend in Cali.


He’s a bit of a hippie – he likes pizza, lots of mary-janes and overall he’s just a nice, harmless guy.

He drives the Byer family around in his Surfer Boy Pizza van and you might have missed a little detail – there’s a number on the side of the van.

Well, believe it or not, the number actually works. As you can legitimately call it and listen to a recording.

If you call 805-45-PIZZA (805-457-4992), you’ll hear a pre-recorded message from Argyles pretending to answer the phone.

It’s actually a clip from Stranger Things when he answers the phone when the secret agents call from the Byers house to order pizza.

While that’s what I’ve heard, some hear something much stranger…


Some say that after a ring, a recorded message with a male voice says, “The phone number you just dialed is now active.” After a brief pause, there is a single beep, as if indicating that an answering machine has started recording. So … nothing.



So call the phone number and give it a try! Everyone is calling right now, you might hear a busy tone for a while!