PUTRAJAYA: The Immigration Ministry’s online housekeeping system (SMO) can be used by potential domestic helpers from all countries of origin, not just Indonesia, Interior Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah said Zainudin.

He said it had been advertised globally and applications could be made through this Malaysian system.

Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Hermono previously said his country had stopped receiving new job orders for migrant workers in all sectors for the time being, but those already approved could continue.

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An industry source claimed that the SMO is not applicable to Indonesian domestic workers.

When asked if Malaysia would be affected by Indonesia’s decision, Hamzah said Indonesia was just one of many sources of foreign workers for Malaysia.

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“We have 15 source countries where we can source workers to meet our labor demands,” he said.

Hamzah also said that they will speed up the issuance of work permits for foreigners under the workforce recalibration program.

“We want to make sure that those who apply for a work permit will get it because the objective of the program is to ensure that foreigners working here are legally employed,” he said.

The workforce recalibration program, which ended on December 31 last year, saw the registration of 418,528 foreign workers involving nearly 30,000 employers.

A total of 335,276 people went through the verification process, but only 114,121 received work permits.