Since Rosie in The Jetsons, the concept of a robot servant has become synonymous with a fictionalized version of the near future. In Japanese manga, anime, and games, domestic robots have taken on a more humanoid appearance. Multi in the light novel In the heartMahoro in MahoromaticCyberdoll may in maid maid are a few that come to mind.

What if you could have a cleaning robot in real life? This is the current question and passion fueling the creative endeavors of the Japanese robot enthusiast To say, who leads the MaSiRo project, which stands for: “Maid Apprentice Substantializing Ideal Robot”. MaSiRo (pronounced “mashiro”) is also the name of the project’s first cleaning robot.

According to his website, he dreams of a world where every household has its own cleaning robot. However, since it would be very difficult to develop a home robot that could actually move and perform tasks in an entirely new and unfamiliar place, he wants to establish a limited environment where home robots can fully function. The first testing ground will be a maid café, currently scheduled to open in fall 2022.

Some of our readers may recall our post about the MaSiRo project in 2019. Since then, MaSiRo has evolved and two twin sisters, CiRo (pronounced “chiro”) and CiYa (pronounced “chiya”) were “born”.

This video, with English subtitles, traces the development of MaSiRo from its origins to its current state of development. A video centered on her sisters will follow. (Please note that the video shows images of the mechanical workings of MaSiRo. If you’d rather not see this, don’t watch the video.)

Interview with A_Say

Interest in the MaSiRo project has increased recently. On March 13, 2022, it was featured on TV Asahi’s 発進!ミライクリエイター Hasshin Mirai Kurieita (Move forward! Future creators). Plus, over the past week, MaSiRo and her sisters have gone viral, popping up on English-language social media, featured by animated YouTubers, and earning them new fans as well as…non-fans.

We had the opportunity to interview A_Say to find out what he thinks of the sudden international attention his project has received, which has changed since the last time we introduced the MaSiRo project in grapes in Japan, and what are his plans for the future.

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Author: Grape Japan.