JEWELRY worth Rs 13 lakh was found stolen from a house in Sector 49. The owner of the house, Usha Hooda, suspected one of the maids identified as Sangri Devi from Mohali to be at the origin of the flight.

The theft took place between May 15 and July 4. Police said at least three housekeepers worked at Hooda’s. Police said the woman reported to police that she had seen the jewelry ornaments at his home before May 15. The ornaments were found missing on July 4.

A police officer said: “Between May 15 and July 4, the house was never locked and there is also no evidence of forced entry and broken locks. We registered a case because the woman filed a complaint. She raised her suspicions on her servants. She named one of her servants in her complaint. We interviewed the suspect.

Sources said the stolen jewelry included gold bracelets, gold chains, rings, nose pins and rings. One case was registered at the Sector 49 police station.

Police said a female resident of Sector 22 reported that an unidentified person stole her purse containing 10,000 rupees, a mobile phone and a men’s bracelet from the Sector 22 market. Police recorded a case at the Sector 17 police station.

In another case, Thotshosing Chihang from Khuda Lahora reported to police that an unidentified person stole his sister’s mobile phone from her home on Wednesday. Police opened an investigation.