Berkeley-based painter and sculptural artist Libby Black explores the intersections of politics, feminism, LGBTQ+ identity, and consumerism in her new solo exhibition, “The Way Things Also Are,” at David Ireland House.

Like many artists working in the house-museum of the late conceptual artist David Ireland, Black drew inspiration from Ireland’s own works and the house itself to investigate yet-untold stories, with a particular interest in uncovering women in the Irish archives while offering its own strange perspective. Like Ireland, Black is fascinated in her practice by everyday household objects such as crockery, brooms and chairs. For “The Way Things Also Are,” Black created scale replicas of these common objects from paper, pencil, hot glue, and acrylic paint. Black then arranged these works into still lifes, blending the real objects with his recreations and blurring the lines between object and artwork.

As part of Black’s exhibition, the artist requested that David Ireland’s famous sculpture “Broom Collection with Boom, 1978/1988” be returned to the house by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. As part of this installation, Black plans to create his own accompanying piece in response. The sculpture from Ireland will be on view in the house until the end of 2022.