DENHAM SPRINGS — A handful of people have contacted 2 On Your Side about a scam that has targeted the Livingston and East Baton Rouge Parishes neighborhoods. They say a woman went door to door selling cleaning services.

Their stories all have similarities, and now they’re sharing their experiences to warn others.

Stacey McAllister and Meagan Dale both live at Lakes of North Park in Denham Springs. They say a woman knocked on their door last fall offering her cleaning services and was selling packages to clean homes once or several times a month.

After paying for these services, they found that what was sold was not what they got.

“I don’t know if it started out as a scam or not, but it definitely happened,” McAllister said.

At first, McAllister said she was happy with the cleaning Brooke Sanders did at her home, but that didn’t last. McAllister said Sanders started giving excuses as to why she couldn’t come to work.

“While meeting her children, she broke her ankle,” she said. “Then she stopped answering my calls and texts.”

McAllister paid nearly $400 for services that were not completed.

Dale says she paid Sanders to clean her house twice after learning she was going through a tough time and needed clients. She did not pay a cleaning fee.

“I wasn’t comfortable with it, but I went ahead and paid her one more visit, and on that visit she just came and threw everything in trash bags and is gone,” Dale said. “I haven’t heard from her again except that she asked for more money before she cleaned up.”

Dale says she paid her $275.

News of his work — or lack thereof — spread quickly. It had been the chatter on Facebook for nearly a year. McAllister first posted something in his neighborhood group.

“When I saw how many people were responding, I realized it was more important than I thought,” she said.

People were talking about Sanders’ cleaning business, which changed its name several times.

“‘Walk by Faith Cleaning’ was the name she used in our neighborhood,” Dale said. “I just found out she had five other business names she used in other neighborhoods.”

Other trade names include JB’s Cleaning, B&K Cleaning Co. and Absolute Home and Maintenance. Every time the company name changed, the email address and phone number also changed.

People paid Sanders through Venmo and CashApp, and the money quickly piled up. Sanders also occasionally goes through Brooke Shifflett.

Both McAllister and Dale were interested in how she charged different amounts to each.

“She asked each of us for money in advance,” Dale said.

A woman living in the central North Woods neighborhood says she hired Sanders for $450. She says she came to clean house once, and after that she made excuses and didn’t come back.

Another person living in Oak Hills from Denham Springs says she paid Sanders for six months of cleaning up front for biweekly cleanings. After coming to clean up twice, she didn’t come back. This same person says he felt bad for her and gave her hundreds of dollars worth of toys for her kids for Christmas.

Last week, 2 On Your Side reached out to Sanders by phone. When asked if she still offered cleaning services, she said no.

Brittany Weiss asked her why she wasn’t cleaning anymore and the phone disconnected.

Several people filed a complaint with the police. The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating.