A charming comic anime debuting in the summer 2022 season, The maid I recently hired is mysterious features young tsundere protagonist Yuuri and his mysterious new maid, Lilith. The first two episodes of the series showed Yuuri distrusting Lilith as he continued to test her – but with Episode 3, things change for the better between them.

Yuuri once tried to keep her lovely new maid at bay and refused to take anything Lilith said at face value. Even so, he couldn’t bring himself to fire her, and the events of Episode 3 prove why. Yuuri is now strongly attached to Lilith, but he won’t admit it unless he’s afraid of losing her for good. This in turn fuels his character growth.

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The maid is mysterious Episode 3 introduces viewers to Yuuri’s caring classmate Tsukasa and her sharp-tongued maid Fujisaki, then focuses again on the ever-changing dynamic between Yuuri and his own enigmatic maid. Lilith goes shopping one afternoon but forgets her smartphone, meaning she can’t contact Yuuri when her errand takes longer than expected.

Meanwhile, Yuuri stays home alone and, to a point, he likes to do whatever he wants. Then he realizes that it’s the first time he’s been alone since Lilith’s arrival and panics. Yuuri has an overactive imagination, after all, which tends to get the better of him. He sits on the couch, imagining Lilith leaving her life as suddenly and mysteriously as she came into it. Yuuri has no good reason to believe this but cannot shake these thoughts, and they terrify him. There are clearly unresolved issues weighing on him.

Later that evening, Lilith finally returns after Fujisaki, the maid, takes her away in the family limo, and Yuuri is overwhelmed with relief and emotion. He can’t help but burst into tears and even wonders if the “witch” Lilith has cursed him for feeling anxious when they’re apart. Lilith plays the game and says yes, but witchcraft or not, she is also happy to see Yuuri again; he can rest assured that Lilith will absolutely not abandon him. But it’s more than a happy reunion – it proves that Yuuri is progressing both inside and out.

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Yuuri does more than welcome Lilith home for the evening. He actually takes it into his heart, even though he’s too tsundere to say it out loud. At this point, there’s no way Yuuri will reject Lilith as his maid, and he can’t stand to go a single day without her. Although they might tease each other, there was probably some truth in Yuuri’s words when he teased Lilith about his plans to marry her someday. Even though he won’t actually marry her in the future, they’re already best friends and partners in a household, making them kind of platonic spouses. In about a month in-universe, Yuuri realizes he’s here for the long haul and hopes that Lilith will always be there by his side.

From his comedic antics and skepticism in The maid is mysterious‘ first two episodes, Yuuri has become a real tsundere friend for Lilith. If he can make that much progress, he can also go further in the future. He may be a self-centered kid at the moment, but Yuuri might just grow up with Lilith watching over him; if he strengthens his friendship with his classmate dandere Tsukasa, he could grow even more as a person.

Yuuri is still processing his grief and certainly doesn’t like surprises, but he’s not so defensive now. He’s ready to welcome people into his heart for real, and that opens up all sorts of possibilities for the future. As a bonus, it also prevents the The maid is mysterious anime to get too repetitive with the “Yuuri suspects her maid” paradigm.