LAHORE: A cleaning lady going to Gujranwala was the victim of a gang rape with the connivance of a rickshaw driver on Saturday in the northern cantonment.

The victim said she was traveling in a rickshaw to see her family in Gujranwala after long weeks of working in different homes. The driver Ejaz instead of dropping me on Lorry Ada went to a haveli in Nazimabad, shared the victim. The haveli had a room at the entrance and the suspects inside the haveli took her to the room where the suspect Sajid and her cousin Ejaz sexually assaulted her. After raping her several times, they dumped her near Jorhay Pull.

Police arrested two main suspects, Ejaz and Sajid, and raided to arrest the others, SP Cantonment Essa Sukhera said.

Biker dies after falling from flyover: A 35-year-old motorcyclist died after falling from a flyover in Kot Lakhpat on Saturday. The victim identified as Azam was crossing the flyover in front of Lahore General Hospital, when he lost control of his bicycle and fell. He was transferred to the hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Valuables Eviscerated: Valuables were eviscerated during a fire at a tire factory in Raiwind on Saturday. A fire is said to have broken out due to a short circuit in the plant. In a short time it turned into a huge fire due to the presence of highly flammable materials. People nearby called for rescue teams. Firefighters arrived at the scene on information and extinguished the fire after a two-hour struggle. No loss of life or injury was reported in the incident.

1,011 traffic accidents: At least 11 people have died, while 1,016 have been injured in 1,011 traffic accidents in all districts of Punjab in the past 24 hours.

Of these, 576 people were seriously injured and were transferred to different hospitals. While 440 minor victims were treated at the site of the incident. The majority (67%) involved motorcycles. In addition, the analysis showed that 425 drivers, 46 underage drivers, 136 pedestrians and 466 passengers were among the victims of these road accidents. Statistics show that 222 road accidents were reported in Lahore which affected 220 people placing the provincial capital at the top of the list, followed by 78 Multan with 74 victims and in third with 72 traffic accidents in Faisalabad and 76 victims.

Details further reveal that 1027 victims were affected by road accidents, including 842 men and 185 women, while the age group of victims shows that 193 were under 18, 574 were between 18 and 40 years old. and the rest of the 260 victims were reported to be over 40 years old. According to the data, 852 motorcycles, 118 auto-rickshaws, 109 automobiles, 46 vans, 9 passenger buses, 33 trucks and 111 other types of slow moving motor vehicles and forklifts were involved in the aforementioned traffic accidents.