Maid Service Direct – Northeast, based in Philadelphia, PA, has released a new blog post that aims to help homeowners understand what they can do to help their maid provide better service. The position offers certain advice on communication and other aspects of the field that can lead to a housekeeper being able to exercise all of her talents and ultimately create a more functional household.

“Whether you’ve hired a professional cleaner for your home before or this is your first time,” the post reads, “it always helps to prepare ahead of time. Expect your housekeeper to keeping your space spotless between cleanings isn’t realistic.You’ll still need to do some maintenance between visits from your home cleaning service to keep your home fresh and clean.Here are some things your housekeeper would like you to know, but she may not tell you.”

The first tip on the list is to describe the job accurately. As the article notes, cleaners who work in residential settings are always professionals who are expected (and trained) to provide a certain level of service. They have a set of tools that they prefer and they know what works best in a given situation. As such, the post recommends that homeowners be upfront with their cleaner and describe the condition of their home (or the area that needs cleaning) as accurately as possible.

Failure to do so can result in consequences for the owner as well as the cleaner. While that last part now has to deal with a mess they may not be as prepared for, the guest may also have to accommodate a delay and not have the room or the whole property ready within a few days. time limit. If they were planning on hosting guests or relying on a clean space at some point for some reason, this may no longer be possible. A conversation in which the scope of work is clearly defined can help both parties – the cleaner won’t have to deal with unpleasant surprises with the wrong tools, and homeowners can rest assured that their home will receive the attention it deserves. requires.

Maid Service Direct adds that this also applies to the job as a whole. According to the company, household cleaners typically clean areas they can comfortably reach with a 3-step stool. Unless otherwise specified, other areas will largely be ignored, so owners are encouraged to discuss them with their cleaning service on their first calls. If these needs can be met safely, the provider may be willing to comply. The post claims that cleaner safety is usually a provider’s top priority, and elevated areas may not be covered if they cannot be reached without undue risk.

The next tip on the list is for a common household item that many may not expect to require extra care: blinds. Maid Service Direct points out that the blinds, by design, stay in the sun all day and are constantly exposed to heat. The result is that they can wear out and break, making them much easier to break during a cleaning. As a result, many cleaning services will require the client to agree to a disclaimer prior to cleaning in case damage is incurred.

The post recommends: “Be aware of the current condition of your blinds when requesting cleaning for them. Cleaners will always do their best to clean them without damaging them, but even the most delicate cleaning can end in a few broken blinds.

Finally, owners should keep in mind that their cleaner will generally avoid moving heavy objects to clean under or behind them, as this puts them at risk of injury. This applies to heavy appliances, furniture, etc. Therefore, anyone wishing to clean a certain space should ensure that it is cleared of heavy objects before the cleaner arrives. Again, discussing a cleaner’s requirements with them ahead of time can help the homeowner determine what needs to be done to prepare the home for a cleaning.

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