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A 12-year-old cleaner has become the latest victim of violence in Faisalabad after she was brutally beaten by her employers in Madina Town.

Police say the girl victim was tortured with plastic pipes, sticks, punches and slaps for minor negligence. The stricken girl’s body was also burned, police said, adding that a plastic pipe had hit her scalp, causing a rupture. The victim’s fingers are also said to be swollen, with several broken fingernails.

Madina City Police received a call on Rescue 15 stating that a minor injured maid had been detained for a long time in the house of Muhammad Idrees and Mehka Ali, residents of Yasir Street Saeed Colony. Local police took immediate action and picked up the injured maid from the scene. She was in critical condition at the time. The police registered a case against the couple and opened a further investigation.

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According to the FIR registered against the accused, the victim, a 12-year-old housekeeper, said her name was Amna, daughter of Khalid, and that she was a resident of Chiniot. A year ago, she was hired for a meager sum by the defendants Idrees and Mehka Ali. The owners made her work day and night. The victim further stated that the husband and wife used to torture and abuse her for trivial things.

According to the FIR, there were many new and old injury marks on the underage girl Amna’s body. Her scalp and hair had fallen out after being repeatedly hit by a hard plastic pipe. According to the FIR, the two defendants did not even treat the victim afterwards for fear of being caught.

According to the victim, she had not been allowed to visit her family for the past six months. Whenever the owners moved to another city, they used to lock him in a room.

Child Protection Bureau Chairperson Sara Ahmed learned of the incident in Faisalabad.

On his instructions, the Faisalabad Child Welfare Office took the victim into custody.

Sara Ahmed has described the incident of the torture of a 12-year-old girl by her employers in Faisalabad as regrettable. The defendants were arrested after an FIR was filed against them on the complaint filed by the Child Protection Bureau.

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