By Mary Taruvinga

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was charged with fabricating allegations against Marry Mubaiwa as his assault trial continued before a Harare magistrate on Wednesday.

Mubaiwa is accused of assaulting her former maid, Delight Munyoro in 2020 when she went to the school where her children attend I tend to see her children

Munyoro testified trying to nail Mubaiwa but could not give the court a coherent account of events.

During cross-examination, Mubaiwa’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, said from her contradictory testimony that it was clear that Munyoro was lying under oath as she had nothing tangible to give in court to prove the assault. .

The lawyer also asked what Munyoro’s comment would be if she said she was being used by Chiwenga to throw allegations at her partner and she insisted that she had been assaulted.

Munyoro struggled to respond and made a contradictory statement.

She also said she had forgotten some of the events surrounding her assault since it happened a long time ago.

Recounting the events, Munyoro said Mubaiwa assaulted her with the back of her swollen hand.

She said she had a shaky tooth and was treated at Parirenyatwa.

However, Mtetwa asked how her client could have slapped her with a swollen hand.

Her response was that she had been injured by a ring that Mubaiwa was putting on that day.

Munyoro said she forgot the exact day she was assaulted.

She said she had also been treated by a private doctor but could not remember his name or where his practice was.

All she remembered was being slapped and called a witch.

“I was sitting in the vehicle. I was sitting behind the driver’s seat… She (Mubaiwa) started screaming and she hit me on my left cheek with the back of her hand and I asked why is she attacking me when I am responsible for custody of her children,” Munyoro told the court.

According to Munyoro, the former model asked her to get out of the car and fight her but she refused.

The case was adjourned to March 28 for further trial.

Mubaiwa also faces allegations that he tried to kill Chiwenga while hospitalized in South Africa.

She is also accused of money laundering and fraud.