Indian-born political consultant Neera Tanden was appointed White House personnel secretary on Friday (October 22), placing her in a key role “behind the scenes”.

Neera Tanden, 51, will be the first American Indian and the first person of color to hold the position.

Tanden managed to reach a senior position in the White House after Biden’s attempt to appoint her as director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) failed over her history of controversial social media posts.

The White House was forced to withdraw Tanden’s nomination as OMB director in March after several senators, including Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), made it clear they would not vote to confirm it, highlighting the harsh comments she made on social media. and in leaked emails.

As Tanden embarked on a Twitter cleanup wave, suppressing over 1,000 tweets in hopes of cleaning up its public image for the Senate, it was too little and too late for the Democratic match at the tongue. sharp.

She is currently senior advisor to US President Joe Biden.

Tanden will now be at the center of the information flow between President Biden and senior White House advisers and facilitate presidential decision-making.

Prior to his White House appointment, Tanden headed the Center for American Progress, a centrist Democratic think tank. She also worked as a senior advisor in the Department of Health and Human Services under former President Barack Obama.

Tanden is a longtime supporter of the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party, having worked as associate director for health care-focused domestic policy during Bill Clinton’s presidency while also serving as an advisor to Hillary Clinton when she was first lady.

A White House official described Tanden’s new role as “the central nervous system of the White House,” The Indian Express reported.

“Neera has over two decades of experience in policy and management, which are essential parts of the role. His experience in internal, economic and national security policies will be a key asset in this new role, ”the official said.

She began her career as Associate Director for Domestic Policy at the White House of former President Bill Clinton and also worked as a Senior Policy Advisor to the First Lady.

Neera Tanden will replace Jessica Hertz who recently announced her decision to step down from her role.

She was born in Massachusetts in 1970 to Indian parents, who divorced when she was five. Tanden and her brother were raised by their mother.