“It especially pisses me off when they want me to fake it, and their brother is RIGHT THERE – I specifically brought additional children into this world for you to have playmates! Their favorite game is ‘Daycare’ and I finally had to put an end to it because it’s basically pretend taking care of the kids, and that’s my real job.” —hillaryf4afff6749

“I have autism, and my eldest too. She never wanted to pretend to play – we played with blocks, coloured, solved puzzles and read books, all the things I like to do with them. Unfortunately, my youngest is all about pretend play. Luckily, he’s old enough to play alone most of the time, and he actually pretended to his sister, ’cause I can only take it a minute before I have to find something else to do.”—mysa

“My children are older, and the same! I’d be exhausted and sweaty, ready to book a lonely night in a hotel, and my daughter would come over and say, “Mom, can we play Sandwich and Hamburger?” Sandwich and Hamburger were two cats we “saw” on the side of the road, and we had to “take them to the vet” and “get them home,” all with squeaky voices, meows, and storylines. .

I loved the concept, but it would kill me.” —merylblintz