New benefits and services in the works for House staff — particularly Peloton app memberships and direct-to-desk liquor delivery — are being pushed back by Republicans.

The House’s foodservice provider, Sodexo, which operates the House’s cafeterias, restaurants and in-house catering, is now offering same-day alcohol orders online.

On Friday, a sign noticed by Republicans outside the Food Service Administration in the Rayburn House Office Building advertised “6-pack and more,” along with “drinks on demand at”

The ordering website says drinks — beer, wine, liquor, juice, soda and more — can be ordered “to be picked up or delivered to your office.” A valid ID is required to purchase alcoholic beverages, he notes.

Additionally, a draft memo obtained by The Hill that was to be sent to House staff last week stated that the House Center for Well-Being will make Peloton Corporate Wellness benefits available to House staff, including district personnel and members of the United States Capitol Police. . The Peloton All-Access and Peloton App subscription does not include or require a bike, but does include thousands of on-demand classes.

Each of the programs falls under the purview of the House’s executive director, who did not respond to a request for comment. It’s unclear why the memo on Peloton memberships was delayed.

Both offers sparked outrage among some House Republicans, who blamed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for misplaced priorities. The Chief Executive of the House is appointed by the Speaker, elected by the House, and subject to oversight by the House Administration Committee.

“Millions of Americans are under an increased financial burden due to inflation, and Pelosi is wasting taxpayer dollars providing Peloton memberships and a liquor store to House staff,” Rep. Austin Scott said. (R-Ga.).

Pelosi’s office referred The Hill to the House Administration Committee when contacted about the programs. The committee referred The Hill to the general manager.

GOP sources said each office’s Member Representation Allowance (MRA), a taxpayer-funded pool that can be used for official expenses such as staff salaries, travel and office space, cannot not be used to purchase alcohol. House rules prohibit the use of the ARM for personal expenses or activities that are primarily social in nature.

Republicans, however, have argued that the new option to order liquor is tantamount to opening a taxpayer-funded liquor store on Capitol Hill because official resources allocated to Sodexo will support it.

“Americans can’t afford to buy groceries or put gas in their cars, and Nancy Pelosi decides the time is right to open a congressional liquor store on Capitol Hill.” , tweeted Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.). “Washington Democrats couldn’t be more out of touch.”

Details of the cost of the Peloton app were not made available in the draft email provided to The Hill. A GOP source said the executive director did not provide those details to Hill’s offices.

Fox Business said the cost of the contract is $10,000 plus $10 per month for each staff member who signs up. If fully paid for by the Chamber, it could cost upwards of $100,000 a year, depending on how many people sign up.

Peloton charges $12.99 per month for the app subscription and $39 per month for the all-access subscription that can be used with a Peloton bike. Peloton did not respond to a request for comment.

The Peloton program is just one of many House Well-Being Center projects, GOP sources said. The program also offers staff members the Calm Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation app; a FinFit app to help with financial health and planning; and the Foodsmart app which provides personalized advice based on eating habits.

But the name Peloton, associated with luxury bikes, has fueled GOP arguments that the Democratic-led House caters to elites.

“Instead of controlling inflation by cutting government spending, the House will spend $100,000 a month on Peloton memberships,” Rep. Lisa McClain (R-Mich.) tweeted. “Putting the political elite back above the American people once again.”

The House also has a fitness center available to staff, which obliges them to pay a membership fee out of their own pocket.