At around 10:08 a.m. on Friday, a van of RIB detainees stopped at the Catholic Church in Ndera sub-parish where hundreds of residents were already awaiting the trial of Solange Nyirangiruwonsanga.

The 37-year-old mother of five appeared amid tight security with a calm demeanor. She is pinned in the high profile death of a nine-year-old boy in Gasabo district.

Nyirangiruwonsanga was a maid at the victim’s home.

The case, which saw the Gasabo Intermediate Court judge move the courtroom to the crime scene, was called for mention at around 10.30am.

After confirming his identity and reading the indictment, the judge gave the prosecution time to explain the merits of the case.

The prosecution began by saying that they were prosecuting Nyirangiruwonsanga for the murder of the young boy, arguing that they had enough evidence to substantiate that the suspect had committed the crimes.

The evidence includes testimonies and a confession statement from the suspect, among others.

The prosecution recounted how she allegedly committed the crime;

On June 12, the victim and the suspect were home alone, and the former was eating porridge while playing with his smartphone, after which Nyirangiruwonsanga, who was a family housekeeper, told the victim to revise his studies.

He would have refused instead of continuing to play with his phone.

The suspect then confiscated the phone and went back to do her chores at home and after a few minutes the boy, now angry, hit her with a rock.

After the incident, the suspect also became angry and a few minutes later entered the house and tricked the victim into a game, where he hung a rag on a door and used it as a swing. Later, she apparently tricked him into having the same piece of cloth around his neck.

She then kicked the chair he was using to climb, which caused the strangulation.

After recounting the incident, the prosecutor said that in addition to the suspect’s confession, they had other evidence to corroborate this.

The prosecution concluded by seeking a life sentence for the suspect.

During the whole process of telling the whole story, people were shocked as the prosecution continued to explain the incident while some got emotional and cried, including the victim’s parents who were both present.

The suspect denies his confession

The suspect had time to defend herself. She, however, denied the confession, saying they had made it under duress during investigations.

“I was arrested the same night the incident happened and taken to a place where I was beaten and forced to confess,” she said.

Nyirangiruwonsanga further explained that she never killed the victim, pointing out that the child committed suicide.

“I want to tell the bereaved parents that he committed suicide that he was never killed,” she said.

The presiding judge asked her what the reason for her suicide might be, to which she replied that he had had a disagreement with her father. She, however, could not provide details of the disagreement.

Asked about his reaction to the sanction requested by the prosecution.

“If you think the sentence suits me, then rules accordingly,” she replied.

After listening to both parties, the presiding judge decided that the verdict would be given on July 25.

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