A domestic helper has shared how she has to follow a list of rules set by her employer, sparking a heated debate online.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the maid’s employer had written a total of 12 rules to follow on both sides of a whiteboard.

The housekeeper uploaded photos of the whiteboard, showing the list of “rules and regulations” which can be changed “at any time”.

These include: Not using a phone during working hours unless it is the maid’s employer calling, not opening the door to strangers, not leaving the house without permission, and always keep the house clean.

One rule also states that the housekeeper must bathe twice a day, while another states that she must stay within range of the CCTV camera, Shin Min reported.

Housekeeping agencies in Singapore have weighed in on the issue.

In response to questions from the media, a spokesperson for Sincere Maid Agency said some of the rules listed were reasonable. However, he also noted that too many rules imposed by an employer could make the housekeeper feel pressured and cause tension between the two parties.

The executive director of the best home employment agency, Mr. Zheng Kunming, said that employers should let the good agency know in advance if they have any special requests so that they can communicate it to the maid.

In addition, domestic helpers who are unhappy with their employers should let the agency handle things to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes, Zheng said.