Get your tissues ready, it’s going to be hard.

Singaporean Kelly Chua, who goes through Otter.totts on TikTok, probably expected her wedding ceremony to be emotional.

But his brother, Keith Chua, managed to set the bar even higher by pulling off a big upset.

“I’ve prepared a really big surprise for you. Are you ready? Look over there,” the bride’s brother said as he turned to see his guests in the wedding hall.

It seems that someone special was present at the Church of Our Savior in Queenstown last Saturday (April 23) – Lita, the family’s former Filipino domestic helper of 27 years, had returned to the Philippines three years ago. years.

But she was now back in Singapore specifically to see her former young protege.

Chua’s tears started to flow almost instantly.

A 70-second clip captured the beautiful moment and it was posted on TikTok on April 28. The video had garnered some 49,000 views at the time of writing.


My brother gave me the biggest wedding surprise ever 😭❤️ #weddingsg #weddingsurprise #weddingdaysurprise #bestsurprisever #domestichelper #yaya #fyp #touchingmoment

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The former domestic helper was also in tears and the two women embraced as the wedding officiant described their special relationship with the guests.

Chua told AsiaOne that Lita even managed to give her a cute remark at the wedding, telling her, “Finally, I’m so happy to see you getting married.”

In the caption, the TikTok user explained why she was so moved upon seeing her yaya (means guardian in Tagalog).

“She came home three years ago and told me that she couldn’t attend my wedding because she hadn’t managed to renew her passport. But my brother had planned everything from the beginning” , we read.

Lita had been with Chua’s family even before she was born.

“She’s like a second mother to me. She’s turning 72 this year, and I really don’t know when is the next time I can see her again. It really means so much to me that she can attend my wedding,” , said the 28-year-old, who is self-employed.

It seemed like a well-planned surprise because everyone in the family knew about Lita’s arrival except for the bride-to-be.

“She stayed with my aunt and grandmother for five days before my wedding. They gave her money to buy clothes for the wedding. My friends also took her for breakfast,” said Chua said.

TikTok users mentioned in the comments section that they were crying while watching the video.

“It’s a violation to make me cry so early. It’s 6am please,” one wrote.

Another netizen felt that everything was fine with the surprise, but they could have provided the former domestic helper with “a nice dress too” because that “would have had an impact too”.


A TikTok user didn’t seem to care about the supposedly “underdressed” former domestic helper and mentioned that the bride’s brother had just won the “best brother of the year award.”


“My yaya Lita is an integral part of my family and we are all very happy to have her back, even if it is only for a few days,” Chua said.

It’s a real wedding surprise, so if your brother is going to get married soon, maybe it’s better not to reveal this video to him.

If they’ve already seen it, it’s time to step up your wedding surprise game.

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