The following article contains spoilers for stranger things Season 4, Volume 1, streaming now on Netflix.

Some stranger things fans were shocked to realize actor Joseph Quinn once appeared in a minor role on the HBO series Game of thrones.

A meme on Twitter featured two stranger things actors who have already played a role in game of thrones, one of whom was Eddie Munson actor Joseph Quinn. As seen in the post, Quinn was dressed as one of the soldiers stationed at Winterfell, sworn to House Stark. Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov’s actor Tom Wlaschiha of stranger things also appeared once in game of thrones, playing the role of Jaqen H’ghar, known as “The Faceless Man”.

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Quinn appeared as Koner in The iron Throne Season 7, Episode 4, “The Spoils of War”. In the episode, Koner was guarding the front door with another Kent soldier when Arya Stark arrived and asked to enter the castle. The two thought Arya was a Winter Town impostor and attempted to fire her. When they argued over who would stay to watch over Arya and who would report to Sansa Stark, Arya disappeared.

Joseph Quinn joined the cast of Strange things in season 4. He played the role of Eddie Munson, a heavy metal guitarist and the main member of Hawkins High’s Dungeons & Dragons Hellfire Club. In Season 4 Volume 1, after witnessing Chrissy’s death, Eddie ran away in fear and became the prime suspect in the murders of her and Patrick McKinny. However, the season saw character growth as he joined Dustin and his friends to save Hawkins from being destroyed by Vecna.

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Quinn’s character, Eddie Munson, quickly caught fans’ attention for his natural charisma and quirky personality in Season 4. Eddie’s heroic act in Chapter 9 left a strong impression among fans while breaking unfortunately hearts. Quinn recently opened up about her character’s arc and the show’s critical scenes. “It’s a redemption story,” Quinn said. “I think he’s completely haunted by his inability to do anything to save Chrissy and how helpless he was at the time. And obviously to be blamed for this murder is devastating and then having to go into hiding… then at some point in Episode 8, a switch flips, and he decides he’s going to prove himself.”

Since the release of stranger things Season 4, the series took the top spot in Netflix’s streaming rankings. The Duffer Brothers recently expressed interest in releasing a widescreen, digitized version of the series, at least turning the first season into a full-screen 4:3 aspect ratio for that old-school feel the series is known for. A stranger things a play set in the world of entertainment is also in preparation.

stranger things Season 1-4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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