Season 4 of Stranger Things introduced pizza delivery boy Argyle, and now fans of the hit Netflix series can get a taste of the show.

stranger things season 4 introduced fans to a new main character named Argyle, a pizza delivery boy and friend of Jonathan. Now, Surfer Boy Pizza is now available at select Walmart stores.

The pizzeria, which made its first appearance in the first volume of stranger things season 4, now sells four types of frozen pizzas for fans to take home and enjoy. Flavors include Supreme, Pineapple Jalapeño, Pepperoni, and Multi-Meat.

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Fans of the series can now have their own Surfer Boy experience at home, minus Argyle’s (Eduardo Franco) infamous quick delivery. This is not the first time that a major company has sold promotional material for the stranger things. Prior to the release of season four, Walmart also sold a stranger things-themed tape. JanSport launched a collaborative line of backpacks and MAC created a makeup collection inspired by Hawkins High and Upside Down. These types of collaborations create buzz for the show and its upcoming seasons, and excite audiences of all interests. It’s unclear how long these Surfer Boy pizzas will be on the shelves, but they seem to be selling out fast. Fans are encouraged to check Walmart’s website for inventory.

One of the show’s newer characters, Argyle, is introduced as Charlie Heaton’s Jonathan best friend in Lenora, California. He works at the local pizzeria, Surfer Boy, and has the laid-back personality that many people might think of when reminiscing about 1980s teenagers. Although Franco didn’t play a larger role until late of the first volume, he told Remezcla that it was “an honor” to work alongside the rest of the stranger things cast.

Argyle’s friendship with Jonathan also transitioned from set to real life. Franco discussed what it was like learning to golf with Heaton for the show. “None of us had ever played golf, so they took us to a country club and [we] I have to dress the role,” he said. “They gave us these amazing shorts and shoes. And I had the brightest lime green shirt.”

Aside from the amazing display of friendship stranger things showed between Argyle and Jonathan, fans noticed Heaton’s character was seemingly sidelined in the first volume of this season. Will Heaton play a bigger role in stranger things Volume 2 Season 4 has not yet been discussed.

stranger things season 4 vol. 2 will be available to stream on Netflix on July 1, 2022.

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Source: Walmart, Remezcla