The following contains minor spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4, Part 1, now streaming on Netflix.

star wars the films returned to theaters in 1997 after nearly two decades on home video. However, the films audiences saw were noticeably different from the ones they loved growing up. The Duffer brothers recently said Variety that they want “George Lucas” stranger things Season 4 – change appearance after episodes are released. A change will fix what some consider to be a glaring story problem.

Those who have followed the saga of Will Byers and Friends care deeply about the characters on the show. Fans were dismayed to learn that Will’s traumatic adventure in Season 4, Episode 1, “Part One: The Hellfire Club” took place on March 22, 1986. The fact that everyone ignores Will is a moment character key. But in season 2, Will’s mother, Joyce Byers, told him his birthday was March 22. In Season 4, Will’s story turns into something – most likely a revelation about his sexuality. The poor kid goes through an emotional melting pot and puts it in the context of a birthday that even his own mother failed to mention was decried as too cruel.

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Thankfully, the Duffer Brothers have accepted the fan outcry and are turning to Vietnam War-inspired films. star wars director George Lucas to fix the problem. Rather than trying to solve the problem by stranger things 4they said Variety they will most likely change Will’s birthday to May 22 and alter the original Season 2 line. May is a perfectly fine birthday month and easy to replace with “March”. Winona Ryder can save the new line and the lip-sync won’t be too bad. It is also possible to digitally alter the lip-sync, using technology originally developed by Lucas for the star wars prequels.

The Duffers also mentioned that this isn’t the first “patch” they’ve done for stranger things. When Will recited a phone number in a previous season, they were able to fix the dialogue, but fans still caught wind of the gaffe via the subtitles. The Duffer Brothers say they were against the idea of ​​shooting a “George Lucas” with already released media. Still, they changed their stance, adding new shots and smoothing out the shaky visual effects. They even made some patches for stranger things 4 opening weekend. Fans who abused the show on Friday missed snaps that were added on Sunday.

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However, since George Lucas released the star wars special editions, people have debated a storyteller’s right to change their own story. Those who grew up watching Return of the Jedi with the songs “Lapti Nek” and “Yub Nub” in the movie instead of “Jedi Rocks” and “Victory Celebration” feel like the movie is noticeably different than what the first saw. Fans who grew up with the Special Editions, however, love them like the star wars they knew. Should filmmakers be able to continue editing and polishing their works after people have started watching them?

That’s a good question, but the stranger things 4 example shows that modifications can be a good thing. The fact that the ice rink scene takes place on Will’s birthday makes him too sad. Altering the show’s timeline would be problematic with multiple stories happening simultaneously. It’s much easier to just change Will’s birthday than to let the moment become an all too tragic story point. The changes that the Duffer brothers want to make or have made to stranger things will change things for the better.

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.