Students have the opportunity to support and advise each other throughout the school year, while participating in friendly competition against other houses.

CAMP HILL, Pa. – Students at Trinity High School in Cumberland County develop leadership skills and camaraderie in all classrooms in a program known as the “House System”.

Rather than having a normal classroom experience, Trinity students are housed in houses with all grade levels included in each house.

“We have 4 houses: Immaculata, De La Salle, Seton and Loyola. And these houses are kind of a friendly competition, but really the purpose of the house system is to unify all students and provide leadership opportunities for everyone. Lucas Puig, a student at Trinity High School, tells Fox43.

He also says that this program not only makes everyone better students, but also helps them become better people outside of the classroom.

Students in the upper class help run their homes and mentor young classmates in small groups during the school day. There are opportunities for everyone to have their voice heard and become a leader through the system.

There is also a bit of friendly competition between the houses. During the school year, the houses collect each point according to school results, athletics and discipline. They also focus on giving back.

“Every house has service projects and stuff like that and it’s kind of a way to bond, but it’s also a way to give back to our community and just be better people,” explains Puig.

The impact of the home system brought the students together and took them out of their comfort zone. It also allowed teachers to make new friendships and think outside the box.

And of course, there is additional motivation for students to participate and engage with their home throughout the year. The house with the most points at the end of the school year wins the Shamrock Cup and gets a field day.

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