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A foreign domestic helper who had worked in Singapore for 5 years recounted the difficult times she went through with her employer’s sister.

Indah Yosevina said she remembered the day very clearly. “Chinese New Year 2019, the first time she hit me because… that day we went and stayed at her place for a few days, then she hit me on the back right away.”

Indah added that she didn’t say anything even though the family didn’t apologize. She said she understood the older woman’s character but “a certain fear in me, you know, I can’t describe it”.

“Popo hit me – The first time I didn’t say anything and they never said sorry either.
I took care of Popo who was 96 years old. My employer’s sister would come to my house and soon I would be very afraid of her.

Once she squeezed my arms until they were blue and black. I remember to this day, I never felt anger but just fear. I understand and really try to understand that she is old and loves her mother very much. I forgive and always forgive,” Indah said.

A video made by Iaminvisible shared Indah Yosevina’s story.

When Indah told her employer about the abuse, she said her 72-year-old employer also cried, but was unable to do much to remedy the situation.

Even after leaving the family, Indah said she would keep in touch and was aware when the elderly lady was hospitalized several times over the years.

“Popo passed away a few months ago. I had a good bond with her. She was a good Catholic. I remembered that one day, (I think) she felt lonely and was praying in Cantonese. I held her hands and prayed with her in Bahasa. She smiled, as if she understood what I was saying,” says Indah.

“For me, if I can be anything, I just want to be nice,” Indah said.

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