YOUR SAYS | “He shouldn’t get away with paying the bare minimum.”

‘Tan Sri’ pays over RM100,000, domestic worker goes home

Vijay47: Dear Mrs. “East Java”, we are very happy that your 12-year hell is finally over.

Yes, take the cash and go, but as soon as you land on Indonesian soil, file a police report against that devil of an employer who even holds the title of Tan Sri.

We fully understand that filing such a report while you are still in Malaysia can lead to all sorts of unpleasant consequences for you.

By the way, this Tan Sri deserves his son, a cheap and vindictive flea of ​​the old fool, who had the nerve to demand a miserable RM500 from you after all his family has put you through.

What a bright future awaits you. Freedom, being with your family again and having a farm to run. Good life!

And to Malaysiakini, congratulations for making her case known and helping her live happily ever after. God knows we badly need the occasional good news.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Human Resources M Saravanan? Who is it?

TIC Tac: Twelve years of constant reprimands? This Tan Sri should pay far more than her unpaid wages.

Titles and money do not buy class. I have no respect for titled people who see others as inferior to them. What kind of education did this Tan Sri have?

One day the tables will turn and you will be at the mercy of people having to change your diapers. I wish the best to the former housekeeper.

Bobby O: It is an injustice. Even though for the maid, RM100,000 may be a considerable sum for her, her ex-employer “Tan Sri” managed to get away with deducting all her expenses and only paying wages for normal working hours. .

Moral abuse, physical abuse, 18 hours a day, his salary should have compound interest equivalent to if he were saved in a bank, when you consider that all the atrocities committed against the maid were not taken into consideration .

His employer should be brought to justice and face the consequences of the many laws he broke. Again, this clearly shows the double standards practiced in this country between VIPs and the average person.

They should have made sure that the “Tan Sri” pays for the atrocities and the maid’s working hours.

He shouldn’t just pay the bare minimum after taking advantage of the many overtime hours provided by the maid. He should be exposed and humiliated.

Anonymous 080: “She managed her chores for the family of six adults and two babies in a large five-bedroom house in Kota Damansara.”

Such family size and house are so common these days, especially in Shah Alam and Kota Damansara where high officials somehow acquired large tracts of land to build lavish grounds to house all current and future members of the family and pay for their living. expenses.

I know of a few others in the Klang Valley neighborhoods who have 13 air conditioners, eight bedrooms, 10 cars parked in their house compound and roads, the Tok Pa and Tok Mami paying for almost everything.

Buying nasi lemak bungkus for family breakfast is easily a cool RM50 per day bill!

Appum: This type of reporting will demonstrate to these titled elites that they are not above the law. In fact, they should be role models for society.

Second, relevant authorities should use all available laws to take legal action against such exploitation to show the world that we have justice in this country and that the law does not only favor the elites.

Third, the audience really feels that this person does not deserve to bear the title “Tan Sri” and they should return this title. If he refuses, strip him.

BrownLion2645: The Indonesian Embassy does a good job of protecting its citizens. Several cases of abuse have been brought to light by them.

I wonder how Malaysian embassies would have acted to protect or help Malaysians abroad.

OCT: Some of these people with titles are scum. They don’t know how to conduct themselves honorably to live up to their titles.

The rakyat saw a person with so many titles become a kleptocrat and a convicted criminal. Yet no attempt is made to remove his titles. There have been a few cases of people with titles sexually assaulting their maids.

All these people seem to be above the law and no one dares to prosecute them. They think they have the money and connections to ‘kau tim’ (settle) anything and everything.

It is ironic that a simple and honest rakyat should be subject to all sorts of punishment for a small breach of the law while those VVIPs with titles can get away with it or with a pat on the wrist.

All of this makes these VVIPs seem untouchable. This is the main reason why VVIPs are brave to commit crimes with impunity.

Knucklehead: Thanks to Tan Sri, Americans and Europeans will continue to cry about forced labor in Malaysia. And rightly so.

Now, what are our ministers and ministries going to do about it? Just because he’s a Tan Sri sweep the problem under the rug? What? The cat has your tongue?

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