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A foreign domestic worker in a difficult situation took to social media to ask others what to do.

In an anonymous post on the Facebook group FDW in Singapore On Friday, September 16, a housekeeper sought advice from internet users after being asked to lie to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) about her working conditions.

She wrote that her employer had threatened to send her home if she didn’t lie. “verified embassy contract not followed and working for different employer houses,” the maid wrote, asking what she should do.

Many other aides who commented on the post told the maid to tell the truth. They added that there were many other employers who would hire him.

Here is what they said:

Earlier this month, a frustrated employer took to social media after her Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) refused to go with the family to JB, Malaysia, despite accepting him in his contract.

In his post on the Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the employer said that in his case, his assistant “agreed during the interview at the agency that she follow us until to JB because we have another house there. In addition, we put in the contract that she must follow us”.

She added that her maid only works four to five hours a day before resting. The maid took frequent naps, used her phone liberally, and watched YouTube videos. The employer also added that the housekeeper told her to knock on the door of the helper’s room to call her if she needed help.

However, when she recently asked her maid to accompany the family to JB for 4 days, the maid refused, saying she wanted to rest in Singapore.

The housekeeper refuses to go with her family to JB’s, despite her agreement in the contract; says she wants to rest in S’pore

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