A car put to bed for the evening probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, a major accomplishment that brings a sigh of relief for a Herculean task finally done.

But it’s one of those daily chores to do, especially if you prefer to get in a car in the morning that isn’t exposed to the elements and, therefore, neither are you.

But if you’re the one who left the car outside in the driveway, instead of putting it in the garage, and it’s getting late, and you’re cozy on the couch, ready to fall asleep to do even more dreams that makes no sense the last thing you really want to do is get uncomfortable, find your purse, dig from here to china for the keys, put your feet in the first pair of shoes you find and plod out the driveway’s front door to pull the cheerful Kiaskimobile into its sleep cabin.

So how sweet to discover – after a quick glance out the window to confirm that it’s a chore still awaiting your attention – that it’s already been done on your behalf and it’s back to your farewell and insane dreams that you could return.

“Ahhhh, you pulled my car into the garage!!” I gushed the other night about the Better Half gallantry move he performed simply because he’s a good guy who follows a reflex, not a to-do list item.

You would have thought I had just received a dozen long-stemmed red roses. Or that he had thrown his best jacket on a mud puddle so that I could step on it and avoid messing my shoes.

My knight in shining armor who parks the car!

When the little things in life are done because someone else is watching over you, reaching out to you, taking initiative, or just being thoughtful, sometimes it really matters – make it a time to secretly celebrate or publicly go cartwheeling (only if it won’t cause bodily harm to you or anyone else, of course.)

Sometimes on Thursday nights – Garbage Day Eve at our house – I get that same feeling and that same moment of appreciation again.

Isn’t it nice to find out that someone has already emptied all the trash cans and replaced them with new garbage bags, and the trash has been taken to the garage where it keeps your car company until the morning, when it’s time to take it out for garbage collection?

The little things are very important.

And that includes the laundry, which is done from the beginning to the end of the cycle.

How many times have I thrown a load of clothes in the washing machine, only to completely forget about them.

When you realize you’ve washed a load at some point, you can be very disappointed, especially if the outfit you intended to wear at that very moment is in the washing machine, ready for the trip. to the dryer but needing a little help getting there.

Wearing wet clothes is not a good look, not a great fashion statement.

But there, “How sweet!” (in the words of Jackie Gleason) to discover that the clothes were not only dried, but also folded.

The little things are important, including bringing you a cup of coffee when you need it most.

It does not contain sugar because “You’re already nice enough.” And it’s just the right shade of beige because it has the right amount of Cremora.

These little things are very important.

Sweet dreams of this.

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