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‘Things can be replaced’: Local woman reflects on losing her home

ANDOVER, Kan. (KAKE) – Many people are trying to figure out their next steps after Friday’s tornado.

Jonelle Farney is one of them. She has lived in her current home in Andover for 12 years, and last night it was destroyed by the tornado.

“You see it on TV, but you think, until you’re here in person, thinking…this is my house. It’s different. It’s hard to take it all in,” Farney said. .

Jonelle Farney has lived in her Andover home on Andover Street for 12 years. It was destroyed on Friday evening.

‘We used to live in North Andover but got flooded there so we moved to higher ground here and now we’ve been blown away,’ she said.

“We had a few minutes’ notice. Of course, I have KAKE on my phone, and it went off, and then the sirens went off,” Farney said. “We went down the stairs and just as my foot hit the basement, the house exploded!”

She didn’t even have time to be scared, she said.

“(My) ears popped and you know, that’s how I knew something was up. He closed the basement doors and after he stopped I opened the door and I could see the blue sky, so I knew (my house) was gone.”

Farney said the tornado took everything it had, but those were things that could be replaced. It didn’t take her or her husband, and for that she is grateful.

She says the community has come together in the face of this tragedy and says even some residents who have lost everything are also helping her.

“I thought the whole world had collectively lost their minds and then seeing things like this happen…it’s great. It’s wonderful. We’re really blessed. Nobody got hurt. Things can be replaced.”

“We found him lying in the back yard. I don’t know where he’s from. She (his friend) said ‘oh we have to put that over there’. you can’t be more open than that .

A nearby “open doors” sign gives Farney an open mind and allows her to see past what she’s lost.

“We have to put that (sign) over there,” she laughed. “Small renovation with a large open floor plan. Natural lighting and good ventilation!”

“Well, yeah, that kind of description!”