Lamborghinis: I love Lamborghinis. Lamborghinis are really fast and they have wheels. When I grow up, I’ll have a Lamborghini for real.

Wagons: I think whoever designed the wheels is a good person. For some reason, when I think of wheels, I think of carts.

Bikes: My bike has two black wheels and my bike looks nice. I love my bike.

Tires: Some things with wheels could be bicycles and cars. The tires are very cool. They are very helpful. They help cars move.

Cars: A car is on wheels. Cars help you move from place to place. If we didn’t have cars, it would be much harder to get to school, sports, or even fun activities. You couldn’t ride your bike if we didn’t have wheels. Wheels are great and they are an integral part of our world.

Many things: A car has wheels, a tractor has wheels, a train has wheels, a cart has wheels and a truck has wheels.

Wheel chairs : One thing that helps you get around is a wheelchair. My friend Jerzey has one. When she jumped on the trampoline, her brother jumped too high. On YouTube, a man made a wheelchair for a dog. It had light wheels. The dog was chasing other dogs. He was so much fun! Wheelchairs are part of life.

Cars, trash cans and chairs: Cars have wheels to make them go fast. Trash cans and recycling bins have wheels to make them easier to move to the sidewalk. My teacher has a chair with wheels to make it easier for him to move from place to place.

Planes: Airplanes have wheels so they can take off and land safely. Cars have four wheels to move. My school has wheelchairs so we can get around.

Different wheels: The wheels of a car are fast. It’s really fun to drive with wheels. There are different types of things you can put on wheels. It’s fun to drive on vacation. You can lower the windows.

Four wheels: I like cars. I always wanted to drive a car. Cars have four wheels and doors. Cars have a steering wheel. The cars have four seats and a trunk.

Pink cars: There are pink cars! They are fun and cute! I want one! I took my stuffed animals and toys there. Pink cars are amazing.

For distant destinations: Things that have wheels are cars, airplanes, and school buses. Cars have wheels to take people to faraway places like grandma and grandpa’s house. Airplanes have wheels to roll, take off and come down safely. School buses have wheels to take children to school.

Racing with wheels: Hoverboards, scooters, cars, trains and planes. These are just a few examples of things with wheels, but my favorite is my bike. I love going to my grandma’s in the spring and summer. I cycle on the sidewalk. It’s so much fun to race my sisters and see their expressions as I pass right by them! What do you prefer with the wheels?

Ride with wheels: I ride a bicycle with wheels. I want to learn to skateboard. I also want to know how to drive a car. I also want to learn to drive a kart.

Wheels and motors: Cars have wheels and motors. Airplanes have wings and engines. Jets have wings and engines. Vroom! Vroom!

Monster Trucks: Cars, monster trucks, vans and racing cars have wheels.

Limousine: A thing with wheels is a limo. A limousine is a car. It is very long. Another thing with wheels is a hoverboard. A hoverboard has two wheels. It can come in several colors. The latest thing with wheels is a skateboard. A skateboard is a lot like roller skates. It has the shape of an oval.

Madelyn Castaneda Sanchez

Many bikes: My mom and dad both have cars. My brother and I have a bicycle. We have a lawnmower and two other bicycles.

Several things: I know so much about wheels. I will tell them to you. Cars have wheels. Trains have wheels. Skateboards have wheels. How would these things move without wheels? I guess you could do other things that might move.

McLaren: One of my favorite things on wheels is a McLaren. A McLaren is one of my favorite cars and it can go over 200mph. My favorite kind of McLaren is the McLaren 600LT Spider. It can go up to 204mph, and the speed is not only my favorite part, but also the look of the McLaren. It’s my favorite thing on wheels.

Scooter: I have a scooter. My scooter makes noise. My scooter is Spider-Man themed. I love my scooter!

Semi-trailers: Cars have wheels to move them. I have fun on my hoverboard when the wheels go fast. A semi-trailer with 18 wheels!

Fast cars: Wheels are on a bus and on fast cars. A Ferrari is fast. This is how wheels help people.

School buses: I like buses because some of my friends take them, and it takes them home. I am grateful for the buses because they take my friends to school and home.

Travel: We use cars to travel. Cars have four wheels. Cars have gasoline to turn the wheels. Cars have engines to drive them! You get racing racing cars.

Endless things: Many things have wheels. There are cars, planes, trains and many more. My favorite thing with wheels are cars, but there’s another thing that has wheels: RC cars! If I was talking about all things with wheels it would go on forever, so I’ll stop there.

Rivian: When I grow up, I want to have my own car. I know exactly what I want, a Rivian! It has four strong and powerful wheels and impressive speed. He can go up and down ramps, through snow and even rocky roads thanks to these four big powerful wheels. Hopefully I’ll have enough money to buy the Rivian when I grow up!

Appointment : Does your car have wheels? It does. The wheels help the car roll on the road, so we can get to places faster than walking. Bikes also have wheels. There are only two wheels on the bikes, and you pedal and work. Scooters also have wheels. You push a scooter, and it works. If you want to go somewhere, use something with wheels.

Things on wheels: A car, RC car, bus, truck, Tesla, toy car, monster trunk, dump truck and garbage truck have wheels.

Toy wheels: I have a bike. My bike has sequins, ribbons, pink, a basket and princesses! And I have a toy airplane. For my dolls, when I grow up, I will have a car. And for my 9th birthday I want a hoverboard.

Weird topic: It’s a weird subject, but things with wheels like cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

To drive: Cars, bicycles and trains have wheels. We can ride on wheels. Cars have wheels so they can roll.

The Hogwarts Express: Trains have wheels, and what better train to hit than the Hogwarts Express? In case some don’t know who or what the Hogwarts Express is, the Hogwarts Express is a “Harry Potter” train that takes accepted Hogwarts students out of London and into the wizarding world of Hogwarts.

Shoes: My sister has shoes that have wheels and they are cool wheels. It is difficult to mount them. My sister is a pro at home. She doesn’t really wear them much.

Everywhere: Wheels are almost everywhere because cars are everywhere in traffic. I love riding bike. It has wheels. Scooters have wheels.

Suitcase: Lots of things have wheels, but my favorite is the suitcase! When you travel, you can bring a suitcase. A suitcase has four wheels. I love packing!

The wheels are cool: Some cars have extra wheels. A cart has four wheels. A bicycle has two wheels. A scooter has small wheels.

Roller skates: The skates are cool. I used to skate. It was hard, but I do it anyway. There are so many places to roller skate. My sister has blue and black skates. She is still learning. She can probably skate now. Also my sister is 21 years old.

The wheels are fast: Cars have wheels to drive and make them go fast.